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BoConcept- The New Danish Brand For Home Styling In India

The new BoConcept store on MG Road, near Sultanpur
The landscape of the Indian consumer is changing gradually, but by mentionable margins. Foreign brands are increasingly getting a warm reception in country, especially lifestyle related ones like BoConcept. BoConcept is from Denmark, and is an internationally known premium furniture and accessories brand, now looking to create its footprint in India amongst the elite buyers of country. The 4,500 sq. ft store located on the MG Road, is home to 14-in house studios, which have various creations like dining tables, beds, sofas, chairs etc. and accessories like cushions, rugs, lamps etc.With some designing consultants thrown in, customers will be taken through a journey where they can pick and choose as to what goes into making their homes special and unique, as per taste.

SENS- Redoing The Age Management & Wellness Bit

Wave Group is known for a whole lot of business verticals they have under their umbrella. That includes real estate, breweries, sports, education, and beverages. Now there is a new feather added to it's cap: age management and wellness, through the launch of the SENS, a multi-disciplinary anti-aging and wellness clinic. This move comes at a time when wellness as a subject, is becoming an area if increasing interest in the general metropolitan public, and health consciousness is also on the rise. Matched with the Wave Group brand power,  and the expertise of specialists like Dr. Graham Simpson (Primal MD- UAE), Niel Petch (Chairman Primal MD), Julie Powell (Great Lengths, UK), Dr.Mark Houston, Dr. Kalpana Shekhawat, Dr. Debjani Chakraborty, Dr. Vidushi Jain, and Dr. Arushi Passi, SENS is stepping into extremely fertile business ground.

India Runway Week 2016: Mamtaa Gupta Launches Crochet Tales Collection

The opening act of the collection
With India Runway Week 2016 having gone underway in Delhi, it is certainly the time of the year when the fashion circles get busy around this part of the country. Designs showcasing creativity, innovation, and the designers' own identity of style were generously put on display for an eager audience at the Tyajraj Stadium in the Indian capital. One of the main talents in the event was Mamtaa Gupta, who presented the Crochet Tales collection, inspired by the rich flora and fauna of the country, including a rich heritage of butterflies and moths. In fact Mamtaa's brand name is after the Indian Purple Emperor butterfly, the Mimathyma! 

Like A Love Song; Book Launch Event With Author Nikita Singh

Author Nikita Singh speaking at the event
In the young and bustling arena of Costa Coffee in South Extention-II in Delhi, another youngster made her presence felt yet again, by launching her latest novel, 'Like a Love Song'. The author in question is Nikita Singh, who has previously penned 8 other books, including the titles like After All This Time, The Promise, and Someone like you. With a visibly packed audience, Nikita was generous enough to read a bit from the novel itself, and cater to the queries of the audience in attendance. Some poetry, some laughs, some cheeky worded compliments, and some great Latte later, it turned out to hit the right notes most accurately.

Celebrating Life And Florals With Sakul Intakul

Florals in color pots
The summers are here, and the so called spring is on the wane. The nastyness of the Delhi summer is indeed looming, for the horrified lot that is set to endure it till the end of the year. In between the weather temperature, an equally engaging event came about at the Aqua Lounge at the Park Hotel on Parliament Street in Delhi. The event was to ".. celebrate life (sic)", as the man of the day Sakul Intakul would put it, and also to launch the engineer-turned-floral artist. Done in partnership with the Museum of Floral Culture, Bangkok, the launch of the book titled 'Grand Celebrations: Extraordinary Floral Designs for Weddings and Events' bought some of the city's well-known faces, apart from a part of the top management of the Park Hotel including Priya Paul, the Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, and also the corporate communications team. This was celebrating 'flower power' so to say, in the best settings possible.

An Afternoon Of Indulgent Chocolate Making At Foodhall

The man of the moment; Chef Olivier Vincenot
For the love of all things chocolate, Foodhall was kind enough to organise an event with Chef Olivier Vincenot, to give a whole audience, how chocolate can be made more divine. Chef Vincenot was the same person, who had given everyone a masterclass on dealing with pistachios, last August. Just as informative and elaborate, he gave the audience lowdown on good chocolate making, and shared some recipes, ideas, on how to best enjoy this 'brown gold', so to say. The delicacies that the chef chose this time, included the likes of Truffles Mocha: (Ganache), Fruits & nuts Mandian, Chocolate mousse and Chocolate almonds. Needless to say, Foodhall's corporate Chef, made them divine for the tongue.

Of Typhoo Tea At Oxford Bookstore- Taste, Health And Conversations

Some Typhoo tea options
When the spring comes in, one of the most productive times of the day, with a seemingly new energy is the afternoon and early evening period. Using this time of the Typhoo, the 113-year old tea brand and one of the earliest pioneers of the teabag, held an event at the Oxford Bookstore in the heart of Delhi, bringing together some bloggers, journalists, and tea enthusiasts, who too added to the 'blend' of the get together. The gathering was to focus on the wealth that tea offers, ways to enjoy it best, and exactly to get the best of tea. The main people in the discussion included writer-journalist Sharmila Chand, dietitian Dr, Nilanjana Singh, and spokesperson from Typhoo, Subrata Mukherjee.

An Evening Of Foodie Experiences At Bronies

Bronies gastro pub entrance
One of the things which strike you about the new Bronies Gastropub, is the way the location is most commonly described; 'where the old Nirula's used to be.' Situated under the Lajpat Nagar flyover, this new place is actually a pleasant surprise; where most of the outlets in the city, especially in the south are known to be relatively more cramped for space, Bronies is much better spread out, and has space for almost everyone that visits the place. Very modern, innovative, and feeling of being in the midst of nature despite being based in the heart of the bustling city.

Stof, France Impresses Upon In India Via Zynna

The Zynna store entrance
As the country begins to embrace an oncoming change of season, the roster for events in the city is revving up more than before, for this precise reason; new season new things to do. With trade and commerce being a major focus to revive the country's economy, French fabric maker Stof, has joined hands with Indian design based firm, Zynna to launch their new collections in India. The main focus of their launch has been the Digital Collection (a series of 30-printed fabrics, replicating the exact drawings), Toile De Jouy (a collection depicting landscapes and classic scenes, and Linen ( a 100% linen) collection.