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Emoting Hues- Paintings Exhibition By Ekta Jain

Buddha by Ekta Jain
One of the main things missing on this forum, is the presence of artistic events. Well, Emoting Hues by Ekta Jain was a chance to catch up, and hopefully it proved to be fruitful. Artist Ekta Jain may not yet be known by word of mouth as strongly, but there are no reasons why that cannot happen. Her work is a treat to the eyes, especially if one is fond of colors, and the mysterious ways she depicts her theme of work. Emoting Hues as I said, were based on 2 things, namely circle of life (as shown in the circles of various paintings), and shades of modern life in concrete jungles, which incidentally has 'cubism' elements in it.

For All That Glass Can Be- Asahi India Launch Event

Asahi India Glass store for auto and architectural needs
Never been much fond of glass except for admiring the occasional crockery at dining events, but the utility of it, seems to be far beyond, and also more dynamic. Asashi India Glass (AIS) recently unveiled their new store in South-Extension (Arjun Nagar), Delhi, where as can be seen, has dedicated areas for windshield customers (car owners), and those needing architectural support. More than just a store launch, it was a lot about the real innovation one can bring in with glass, should one be willing to spend money and have the taste for it.

For The Love Of Pistachio At Foodhall


The Foodhall@ DLF Place Mall
On a weekend in summer of Delhi, any invitation to a relatively posh place with decent air conditioning, is naturally welcome. This time, it was the Foodhall (DLF Place Mall) event where Chef Olivier Vincenot put on display, the magic of pistachios through some detectable treats.Organized by the American Pistachio Growers, it was all about what Californian Pistachio can do for your diet, and how it can be a perfectly tasty nutrition supplement, without having chemicals pushed into the system. In other ways, it was about having something finger licking good, without having to compromise on health.

Kerala- God's Own Country Is A Truth

Kerala's performing art forms on display in unison Kerala's reputation and monicker as being 'God's own country' is indeed a reality, especially after what one saw at the 'Kerala 360' presentation at the Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences. The folks at Kerala Tourism have started this campaign called 'Visit Kerala Year' which will be continuing to April 2016, that originally began April 2015. From Ayurveda to art & culture, Kerala is actually the break one needs, for visiting the south-Indian state, especially if living in concrete jungles is taking a toll on a daily basis.