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Fashion, style, and growth are the themes for 2015 calender launch by IFFD

The calender cover
It is not everyday that one notices known celebrities, fashion, and infrastructural growth come under a common aesthetic platform for all to witness. While the first pair is often the case as 2 sides of the same coin, the later one comes across as different to it all as chalk and cheese. However, in a rather creative turn of events, the IFFD Calender 2015 launch took place in New Delhi, with the underlying theme of 'Growing India', putting seemingly diverse themes together. While scintillating models remain in the foreground, the background has been thematically depicted with blocks of infrastructure development amongst buildings.

Smokey's BBQ and Grill churns it up with Hot Dog Festival

Winter months are never gastronomically complete without some kind of grill or BBQ happening around. This is precisely what Smokey's BBQ & Grill realised, and is making it big for food lovers in New Delhi. The earlier conducted Chicken Festival turned to be a hit, and this time, the hotdogs and BBQ offerings will be pampering foodies, from the 23rd January to end of April. From what became popular in cartoonist T.A. Dorgan's caricatures of German figures in buns, is now a rage as a favorite meal, with regional specialties to boast of.

Hanji Impression Exhibition- Korea's ancient paper art

Dignitaries lighting the traditional lamp
Cultural melting pots like India has always been significant for nations like Korea, considering the bond both share with their cultural past. Hanji Impression, an exhibition to introduce the traditional Korean paper Hanji, was organized at the Korean Cultural Centre in New Delhi. From the 16th January, 2015 to the 10th February, 2015, various works of art on Hanji paper will be on display, created by artists Park Yeo-Sang and Sharmi Chowdhury. Since, the occasion called for a cross cultural connect, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, H.E. Lee Joon-Gyu was there for the inauguration.

Revolution in gastronomics: Join the Olive Oil revolution

Seema Singh and Chef Kunal Kapur
When hearing the word revolution, one is flooded with images of munity, war, military action, and basically anything to do with a great deal of social upheaval. Or perhaps, there is the advent of technology which is meant to change lives of people by a whole great deal. But, this time, it is something entirely different. This is the new gastronomic revolution; The Olive Oil Revolution! With the strong inclination of the urban audience towards a healthier lifestyle, food is now of prime concern, and the cooking ingredients being a major part of the palate. That is where the proposed 'Olive Oil Revolution' comes into being as a healthy alternative to traditional mediums used.