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The luxurious galore at Le Social event in DLF Emporio

The scenario at the event

With most of the country experiencing the onslaught of summers, there needed to be something bringing in a smirk and 'feel-good' factor in the torrid weather. Then suddenly, the Le Social event at the DLF Emporio takes place on the 20th of March, 2015, and it all becomes lovely! Yes, the brands were there, the pretty ladies were there (it was a total fantasy land in that regard), and it was a celebration that needed the mention for those with a taste of the affluent.

A Gastronomic Affair At Desi Roots

At the entrance ceiling
Being a writer and creative (atleast somewhat!), have always been bent on finding the best way out to writing a blog post, and making it only a tad bit more interesting than the rest of the competition. Hence, it would make sense to say that the gastronomic day at the Desi Roots outlet in Saket, was one such occasion, as the good food and alcohol weren't the only reason for detailing them out here. YES! it was the pretty girl that sent across the invitation, but most importantly, team Desi Roots made it surely a worthwhile few hours spent there.

The Many Food Shades At The NDMC Palate Mini Festival 2015

Near the brand stalls at the NDMC Palate Mini Fest 2015

There are many ways to celebrate life, and one of them is certainly exploring gastronomy, or more simply food. Like human beings, their food differ in so many ways and the possibilities of having something new, is virtually endless. That is what was proven at the NDMC Palete Mini Festival 2015, held at Nehru Park in New Delhi. Food from the beyond all boundaries in the galaxy (well, almost!), good looking well connected people (read pretty women), some industry connected people, and wandering lucky bloggers (ahem ahem) made the event colorful in every way possible. It was where life was good, positive, and tasty as one gets them.

With Beer From Belgium- BIRA 91 Froths In Style

With the onset of summer and getting into a drive of celebrating the upcoming season, BIRA 91 got a whole bunch of media, corporate, and political figures into the Belgian Ambassador's residence, for more than a swig of great beer and some education about it. The thought of beer was a primary attraction, but education about beer tasting and not to forget, the presence of His Excellency Ambassador of Belgium Mr. Jan Luykx was something which it worth the shot.