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SENS- Redoing The Age Management & Wellness Bit

Wave Group is known for a whole lot of business verticals they have under their umbrella. That includes real estate, breweries, sports, education, and beverages. Now there is a new feather added to it's cap: age management and wellness, through the launch of the SENS, a multi-disciplinary anti-aging and wellness clinic. This move comes at a time when wellness as a subject, is becoming an area if increasing interest in the general metropolitan public, and health consciousness is also on the rise. Matched with the Wave Group brand power,  and the expertise of specialists like Dr. Graham Simpson (Primal MD- UAE), Niel Petch (Chairman Primal MD), Julie Powell (Great Lengths, UK), Dr.Mark Houston, Dr. Kalpana Shekhawat, Dr. Debjani Chakraborty, Dr. Vidushi Jain, and Dr. Arushi Passi, SENS is stepping into extremely fertile business ground.

India Runway Week 2016: Mamtaa Gupta Launches Crochet Tales Collection

The opening act of the collection
With India Runway Week 2016 having gone underway in Delhi, it is certainly the time of the year when the fashion circles get busy around this part of the country. Designs showcasing creativity, innovation, and the designers' own identity of style were generously put on display for an eager audience at the Tyajraj Stadium in the Indian capital. One of the main talents in the event was Mamtaa Gupta, who presented the Crochet Tales collection, inspired by the rich flora and fauna of the country, including a rich heritage of butterflies and moths. In fact Mamtaa's brand name is after the Indian Purple Emperor butterfly, the Mimathyma! 

Like A Love Song; Book Launch Event With Author Nikita Singh

Author Nikita Singh speaking at the event
In the young and bustling arena of Costa Coffee in South Extention-II in Delhi, another youngster made her presence felt yet again, by launching her latest novel, 'Like a Love Song'. The author in question is Nikita Singh, who has previously penned 8 other books, including the titles like After All This Time, The Promise, and Someone like you. With a visibly packed audience, Nikita was generous enough to read a bit from the novel itself, and cater to the queries of the audience in attendance. Some poetry, some laughs, some cheeky worded compliments, and some great Latte later, it turned out to hit the right notes most accurately.