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Zurie's New Design Studio Transforms Craftmen Into Designers

Zurie Design Studio at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Pashchim Vihar, Delhi
As they say, 'Change is the only constant', as when such a thing is for the better, especially when it comes to to changing the way people are perceived to be, or refining people for a better purpose, there is a sure bout of optimism in the whole state of affairs. This line of thought, was the case to indirectly address the latest initiative by Zurie, which is the launch of their design studio at At the Raddison Blue Hotel, in Delhi's Pashchim Vihar. With the aim of making 'designers' out of the 'karigars' (craftsmen), Zurie is the luxurious shopping experience for handcrafted jewelry and accessories, including cufflinks, neck pieces, haute perfumes, studded clutches, and earrings, each meant for various special occasions.

Blossom Kochhar Shares Secrets For An Aromatic Lifestyle

On the cover of her latest book, Dr. Blossom Kochhar
With the pollution virtually being in every corner of our lives, literally, and perhaps even mentally, it gives quiet the relief to find sometime for healing, and bringing fragrances into our lives. From the the consumption of dust, pollution, and negative energy, to their anti-thesis of Aromatherapy, which restores and enhances, the human body and the energies around it, seemed a rather likely alternative we all needed. Who better to herald this discussion than Dr. Blossam Kochhar, whose range of products sold under the lady's brand name, especially the essential oils, remain a 'swear-by' aspect for faithful of the fragrant science. At Crossword Studio in Delhi's Connaught Place, a book reading session of the title, 'Aroma Therapy- A Way of Life' was organized, where Dr. Kochhar was the prime attraction, and journalist Vinita Dawra Nangia played the host.