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Bonham's Wilmore Montblanc Collection Auction For The Finest In Writing

With the world becoming a space for electronic communication, whereby devices transmit everything possible within micro-seconds across the world, the art of collecting and using writing instruments seems to be a quickly fading chapter of the past. With limited time, and the need for multi-tasking and less cumbersome hardware to carry around, the fine writing instruments are indeed becoming ancient that a virtually clicking speed. But, for those who still believed in collecting the finest of the writing instruments, the  Bonhams Wilmore Montblanc Collection Auction, had plenty to show the most ardent and discerning of collectors. Here are a few glimpses into the ones on display there.

Islamic And Indian Art Pieces For Auction By Bonhams

The cars and homes are being done through, and have been done since quiet the while. However, one of the not so glamorous events, or rather a niche interest group targeted activity, are the art auctions. World famous auction house, Bonham's is conducting auctions meant specially for those who have a taste for rare Islamic and other Indian art pieces, that have centuries of history, and age-old craftsmanship imbibed in them. Here are a few pickings from the lot.

My Kinda Luxury Home- Cannes Croisette Penthouse

When one's royale dreams are awakened along life's testing and trying times, mansions and estates are often one of the main manifestations of the same, and the similar has been the case for me. Hence, amongst the many high-end estates on sale till date, this particular one in Cannes, manged to trigger my magic world dreams. With an undisclosed yet presumably hefty price tag, this place is all about having the advantages of both world's: a penthouse utility and private mansion exclusivity, including it's premium exterior settings.