Bonham's Wilmore Montblanc Collection Auction For The Finest In Writing

With the world becoming a space for electronic communication, whereby devices transmit everything possible within micro-seconds across the world, the art of collecting and using writing instruments seems to be a quickly fading chapter of the past. With limited time, and the need for multi-tasking and less cumbersome hardware to carry around, the fine writing instruments are indeed becoming ancient that a virtually clicking speed. But, for those who still believed in collecting the finest of the writing instruments, the  Bonhams Wilmore Montblanc Collection Auction, had plenty to show the most ardent and discerning of collectors. Here are a few glimpses into the ones on display there.

  • Marquise de Pompadour Patron of Art Series Limited Edition 888 Fountain Pen

Owing its heritage to the times of Marquise de Pompadour, who happened to be the mistress of King Louis XIV, regal designing is every bit the part of the gold infused fine writing instrument. Produced in a  limited edition of just 888 units, the instrument has been created entirely out of porcelain, with detailing out of 18K gold on the body, and the nib. A lot of art work seen on the body is hand crafted. 

  • Peter I the Great and Catherine II the Great Patron of Art Series Limited Edition 888 Fountain Pen Set

The story behind these regal writing instruments takes one to Russia, where under these rulers of the imperial family were responsible for a lot of cultural renaissance the nation underwent during their ruling years. To commemorate these 2 historical figures, 2 limited edition bejewelled instruments have been created. The one meant for Peter I, has been given a green base which has been embalmed with an ornamental 18K white gold body. The emerald detailing can be seen at the cap. On the other, the pen for Catherine II has a resin coloured body with rose gold ornamentation, and red rubies adorning the crown. The nibs are 18K gold too.

  • Boheme Doué Gold-Plated Guilloche Roller-ball

Though fountain pens remain the most sought after when it comes to decorated pens, but a few roller balls are there on offering as well. One of them is the this comparatively simpler gold plated, black dimpled bodied instrument, which has been designed to get a better grip, and also the chiseling for a better cap fit. To add to the sophistication, there is also a red gem on the cap's clipping.

  • Boheme Doué Paseo Doble Blue Ballpoint Pen

It is taken for granted in the world of luxury, that most beautiful and artistic renditions use precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or titanium for their creations. Contrary to that, this auction had pens like the Doble Ball-point pen, which has a stainless steel body, which maximum of which has been given a blue tint. The clip near the upper end, has a blue gem stone placed on it for extra charm.

  • Meisterstück Solitaire Mozart Coral Ballpoint Set

Like most things fancy, this event was never going to complete with some of the best things red in color, and wrapped in yellow gold. This solitaire themed had the red coloring on the barrel, and the gold work on the cap and rear end of the writing instrument. Along with the instrument, there were 5 Meister Butten cards which were crafted out of the hand. Though not the most fancy, but had some signature sophistication and style.

Though the options at auction were plenty, the ones displayed here are a personal choice of the most like-able. For those willing to take a look, the link is below. At a personal level, its great to know that there are people in this world, who are interested in collecting this ultra-fine writing instruments. 

Via: Bonhams


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