Islamic And Indian Art Pieces For Auction By Bonhams

The cars and homes are being done through, and have been done since quiet the while. However, one of the not so glamorous events, or rather a niche interest group targeted activity, are the art auctions. World famous auction house, Bonham's is conducting auctions meant specially for those who have a taste for rare Islamic and other Indian art pieces, that have centuries of history, and age-old craftsmanship imbibed in them. Here are a few pickings from the lot.

  • Calligraphic calcite weight, Anatolia (13th century)

Auction Price Estimate: $11,000-$16,000

Marked with the the inscriptions 'bargerefteh nasir al-din muhammad bar-dari be-farsh-e khofteh-ye dolla va az pay' which translates into 'Nasir al-Din Muhammad has lifted a carpet on a beam, rolled and folded and from base', this calcite sculpture truly brings back the 13th century art era from the Middle East, amongst present time art enthusiasts. Though there are many theories to why the inscriptions were made on the stone, but sure will trickle enough fantasy amongst collectors to command the price.

  • Unglazed Persian pottery ( from the 10-12th century)

Auction Price Estimate: $3,200-$4,700:

Hailing from a time, and a region which was characterized for the growth of Islamic art and culture, these signature style 10th to 12th century pieces of pottery, are meant for those who have been intrigued by that period and the art of that age, with its own unique style. This set includes a bull shaped vessel, geometrically crafted slip-painted cup, a couple of molded vessels, a conically shaped vase, a bull and chicken shaped pots.

  • Monochrome pottery lamp (12th century)

Auction Price Estimate: $1,600-$2,400

When looking at Middle Eastern art, and exploring the corridors of their culture, something of this shape is bound to creep up somewhere. It wasn't surprising, that one of these ornamental pottery designs found their way to this auction. Glazed in green enamel, this pottery shows an ornamental container fixed ribbed shaft connecting it to the base, also accompanied by a handle on the side.

  • An Illustration of Romance painting: Krishna, Balarama with Yashoda and Nanda (1700-1720)

Auction Price Estimate: $1,900-$2,400

One of the favorite scenarios within which most of India's greatest works have been created, relate to the holy scriptures, and mythological story lines. This painting depicts the folktale scene of Lord Krishna romancing in his unique way, with Nanda and Yashoda in the presence of Balarama alongside. Similar themed  art pieces are also on sale auction, and for those interested, it is indeed a virtual maze.  

  • Shahnama Kashmir on an illustrated leaf (19th century)

Auction Price Estimate: $630-$950

Any encounter with the Middle Eastern cultures, especially the the royalty from that part of the world, and one begins a fantasy like journey into the spoils of that generation, and grandeur of the lifestyle of that age. This particular manuscript with gold artwork and blue borders around, depicts a prince with a consort within the palace pavilion, in presence of attendants. The manuscript is in Persian. 

The descriptions and listing seen here are just a drop from the ocean of offerings at the upcoming auction by Bonham's. For those who have a knack for oriental culture and art, it will be a total bonanza. But yes, one should be ready to shell out plenty more than amounts listed here, as the bidding for these art pieces shall set final prices much higher. 

Via: Bonhams


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