Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Desireables For A Woman's Lingerie Wardrobe

The overalls are there for the world to admire, but it is just as important to look good inside, and feel the waves sexuality on yourself. Don't know about how strongly this would apply to the men, the world of fashion & accessories are certainly busy all year round with ideas and suggestions of how women can be just beautiful under their overall clothing, via their lingerie. Here are a few basic must have's for a good lingerie wardrobe:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

8 Ways To Create Your Own Exotic Natural Bath Soap

Gone are the days when an ordinary bath soap would do it; nutritional properties, exotic ingredients and fragrances, and great eye appeal seem to be order of modern soaps. As the times have changed, some of the remedies of distant past make a come back, to ensure that the bathing is a truly exfoliating, cleaning, and most importantly a rejuvenating experience. Goat milk, mineral salts, fruit extracts and a whole lot others have changed the bar of soap we use for bathing, hence making the experience of showering a whole new one in its own rights. Here is a few of these exotic bath soaps one could try for at some point:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bonham's Wilmore Montblanc Collection Auction For The Finest In Writing

With the world becoming a space for electronic communication, whereby devices transmit everything possible within micro-seconds across the world, the art of collecting and using writing instruments seems to be a quickly fading chapter of the past. With limited time, and the need for multi-tasking and less cumbersome hardware to carry around, the fine writing instruments are indeed becoming ancient that a virtually clicking speed. But, for those who still believed in collecting the finest of the writing instruments, the  Bonhams Wilmore Montblanc Collection Auction, had plenty to show the most ardent and discerning of collectors. Here are a few glimpses into the ones on display there.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Islamic And Indian Art Pieces For Auction By Bonhams

The cars and homes are being done through, and have been done since quiet the while. However, one of the not so glamorous events, or rather a niche interest group targeted activity, are the art auctions. World famous auction house, Bonham's is conducting auctions meant specially for those who have a taste for rare Islamic and other Indian art pieces, that have centuries of history, and age-old craftsmanship imbibed in them. Here are a few pickings from the lot.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Kinda Luxury Home- Cannes Croisette Penthouse


When one's royale dreams are awakened along life's testing and trying times, mansions and estates are often one of the main manifestations of the same, and the similar has been the case for me. Hence, amongst the many high-end estates on sale till date, this particular one in Cannes, manged to trigger my magic world dreams. With an undisclosed yet presumably hefty price tag, this place is all about having the advantages of both world's: a penthouse utility and private mansion exclusivity, including it's premium exterior settings.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Age Home Styling- The 'Zen' Way Of Doing It

The design heavy palaces and mansions of Europe to one side, and the modern minimalism of the east to another. Should such a line be ever possible to be drawn to differentiate the elements of these designs from the 2 corners of the world, one might recall the later to be hovering around the theme of Zen, a derivative of the Zen Buddhism and its thought process. Personally looking, its about a sense of calmness and modern minimalism which brings about a greater essence of aesthetics to the living space and greenery, and that's what the aim of this piece looks to be.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Eco-Friendly Energy Sources: A Solution To Problems Of Tomorrow

Pollution, rising fuel prices, heavy consumption of machinery and equipment: all seem to be a part of the same underlying crisis which is eminent in the world today; the energy crisis. With nature taking a beating with the carbon emissions, fuel supply chains getting pushed and pulled in different ways, there is very little ways in which one can overlook the  widespread concern about the avenues for alternative fuel whose demand is on the rise. There hopefully, have been a few solutions, and has caught the attention of many but needs more concentrated effort never the less. This is all about a few of these alternative eco-friendly fuels which could end up meeting our demands for energy:

1) Bio diesel

Bio diesel is, in simple terms, an eco-friendly fuel created by reacting any animal or vegetable fat (oils), with an alcohol  which can produce fatty acid easters. The resultant fluid not only emits much lesser carbon and other toxic gases,  but also plays in maintaining the engine or combustion chamber for the long run. Common petro-diesel options have large amount of solid residue, which harms engine a lot, thus increasing maintenance cost. Based on fixed measurements, if bio-diesel gets mixed with petro diesel, it increases the lubrication of the parts of the engine based on it, thus making functioning more efficient and combustion more complete. The partial combustion which happens in conventional fuel, ends up leaving too much carbon waste behind, which bio diesel helps reduce to a large extent.

The initial thought which comes to one's mind when thinking about bio diesel is, the modifications which one has to undertake for one's vehicle or machine, in order for it to run on this fuel. The solution for that can be, creating a perfect 'B' factor in it. This means, that bio-diesel can be mixed with petro-diesel, to create such a mixture that both fuels end up giving out there full benefits, without machine parts having to be replaced completely. Variants of this fuel available include B100 (100% pure bio-diesel), B20 (20% bio diesel), B5 (5% bio diesel), and B2 (2% bio diesel), but mixtures as per need and safety measures can be prepared. Though the ultimate aim for everyone would be convert to bio-diesel completely, but using the eco-friendly fuel in minor quantities will definitely help reduce emissions, and bring up the fuel and energy use efficiency.

Some common uses: private vehicular fuel, public transport vehicles' fuel, aircraft fuel, heating oil.

Some advantages of bio-diesel: lower pollution levels and carbon emissions, lesser maintenance for engines running on fuel due to lower residue and higher efficiency, lower production cost even after being produced at a private residential scale, higher rate of investment returns in long run.

Some roadblocks of bio-diesel: water contamination due to the reactions which occur as a result of its emissions, freezing and clouding of the fuel depending upon the source, and also the logistic and distribution of the fuel.

2) Solar Power

The sun has been the source of energy for virtually all life on earth, and whatever may have existed in other planets. It should not be a wonder that whatever we receive here on earth, cant be converted into electrical energy or fuel to meet our energy needs and that too, completely non-polluting and virtually inexhaustible in it's ways. Hence, the whole process of converting solar energy to electricity or using it for other daily chores, is what solar power is all about. From cooking to generating electricity, to driving yachts and cars, the scenario has changed a lot in the recent past, and the movement seems to be gaining momentum as well.

The most common method used to garner the solar energy for energy requirements, is through solar cells, or solar panels which are panels of multiple solar cells fixed on a common base. The basic function that these units perform, is to convert the sunlight into electricity for later retrieval and usage. The process is called photo-voltaic reaction, where by the solar panel constituents convert the solar radiation into electricity, via a chemical reaction which occurs due to sunlight falling on them. It so happens that when sunlight falls on these panels, free electrons are generated within the cell which then trapped in by diodes, to direct the energy generated towards the channels where they are needed. Most of the times, they r either readily used, or meant to charge storage batteries which are used when one source of power isn't functional or there lies a power shortage.

Some common uses of solar energy: private and public place electricity generation, especially lighting, back-up power generators, vehicular power source including some private yachts, and cooking.

Some advantages of solar power: completely pollution free, abundant supply, can also be stored and used later through special solar generators, relatively low maintenance and cheap to produce in the long run.

Some of the roadblocks of solar energy: Most of the pitfalls associated with this energy source is temporary and can be solved with efficiency issues. They are energy conversion ratio or solar insulation, could be a hindrance where large panels cannot be installed especially those with limited areas, and also the high initial cost of purchase and installation.

3) Biogas

Never thought that plant, animal, or human waste can be used to convert into something productive, and more so, a rather useful and Eco-friendly source of energy. Technically speaking, Biogas is all about plant and animal waste breaking down in the absence of oxygen, to form biogas and solid manure residue. While the gas in perfectly eco-friendly leaving behind very little or no carbon residue, the solid residue left behind in the tank where it all happens, could be used as a huge supplement for nourishing the soil as manure. Housed within a  sewage tank, where all the waste from plant, animal, and human waste collect, the process of anaerobic fermentation (fermentation without oxygen) takes place, where the whole waste content breaks down into biogas, and solid residual matter. The gas itself would comprise of components like methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and traces of oxygen.

The vast areas like the rural regions of India, which surpasses most European nations in terms of size, could completely change and farm produce would increase multi-fold if properly implemented. Rural Germany has already started using it to supplement their energy demands, and countries like UK are already thinking of it as another eco-friendly source of vehicular fuel.

Some common uses of biogas and its supplement: Household cooking fuel, electricity generation, vehicular fuel, soil nourishing manure.

Some advantages of biogas: eco-friendly energy source with little or no carbon emissions, large source of natural manure for farming and vegetation, lesser cost to maintain equipment in the long run, elimination of various sources of pollution in the environment especially those arising from exposed waste matter.

Some roadblocks of biogas:  initial high expense for setting up infrastructure, lack of proper information regarding the uses and production of biogas, could be a highly explosive fuel if equipment and infrastructure isn't laid out properly especially pipes.

The fuel sources with regards to alternative energy are much more than what is listed here, and also rather extensive in their technical detailing. The aim of writing this post is to just draw attention to the subject, even though limited it may be, so that some audience knows that there are subjects which need greater attention in the times to come. 

Via: Midwest Green Fuel/ Biodiesel Madeez/ Big Solar Panels/ Sulabh International/ Bio Gas/ Clintern Solar/ Tiaca/ Propbiofuels/ goldstockbull

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Investing And Collecting In The New Age Style

Money is what made the world go around during earlier times, and so it continues to this day. How to make it grow still remains the mater of bread and butter for a large number of rather intellectually and academically endowed people, some of whom are employed to innovate with ideas. As demand of exclusivity rises, and rare classics rekindle the hidden desires of owning something precious from the previous era, new instruments for financial growth and investment have propped up and continue to find new takers who wouldn't mind putting in their money into the ideas, especially if they are adventurous enough.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Governor Salman Taseer- A Symbol Of Social Sensibilities

On January 4, 2011, which was I spent doing what I did everyday, work on client reports, send news clipping etc, I came across the news of a man named Salman Taseer, who had been assassinated in Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Even though being very used to coming across instances like that in the news, I still manged to make myself view that piece of news in a little more detail. Little did I know, that this man wasn't just another politician from my neighboring country. He was someone radically different in more ways, that what a vast majority of his home country seem to be like in modern times.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Kinda Home: Villa Artemis (Cyprus)

Villa Artemis, Cyprus 
Me and several others, who would be reading this might belong to those who live in main cities, which by far have turned into concrete jungles. Life in these places  by far and large, is congestion oriented and perhaps even claustrophobic for quiet a few. Its no wonder, that the quiet places are now becoming hot spots for holidaying and taking some time away. If the concerned has the extra cash, they could even go as far as to buy a property for their own holidaying time in that location, and admittedly so, I have the similar desire. From the many out there, there is this particular one in Cyprus, which did manage to get catch my eye:

Description of the Property

Built with signature Cypriot architecture style with the low lying exterior garden walls, apart from the textured landscaping, natural stone pavements designs, shading pergolas, and also the provision for the stone BBQ. Being in an Asian country, never really saw how the BBQ works, but the sound of it does spark quite the interest in me, naturally inclining me to believe the exotic sound of it. However, the most interesting and even the most beautiful part of it all, is the pristine and rather panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, which is a forever flowing blanket of blue clear waters, and a physical evidence of how beautiful nature can actually be. We miss so much of that in the cities, don't we? Well, other than scenic beauty, the house has a swimming pool just in case you wanted to take a dip, apart from the real neat looking landscaped gardens, and the shaded pergolas too. Even the terrace of the villa has been paved where one can indulge in some sun bathing, or perhaps even organize the week-end get together .  Since this place comes with its own furniture, one might not even need to spend more moolah in setting it up. The Stand out point which seemed very useful to me, was the special heat pump, which ensures a warm supply of water throughout the property including the swimming pool. So this means, in the colder days wont really put a stop to some fun and frolic in the pool, and I can hope for some warmer times in there (dreaming for now atleast). 

The Measurements

Total Area:  30,031 sq ft
Covered Area: 2,233.50 sq ft
There is also provision for a space of 430.55 sq feet of space where one could create another construction. Perhaps most suitable for a garden office or an exclusive entertainment room. 

Thanks & Regards: bRE

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sen'sbucket And What Is It All About

Sen's bucket as originally targeted, will be picking up random stories from subjects from virtually anywhere, with the intent of tickling the readers and author's mind. Without the use of creating a trend, this blog aims to be a easy-read name for those who have a more random approach to things online. Quality control will be taken care of as far as possible, but readers are expected to cross check sources and judge the quality of content on this blog.

The story behind this is all about what I (the author) want to write with regards to. From the insanely expensive and attractive and not-so attractive, to the most mundane and ignored (otherwise) and taken for granted , and the sensitive and not-so sensitive issues;  whatever strikes me and can be feasibly put up as a blog entry, just might find a place here. This is one medium where authority and freedom have a different meaning from what is generally thought of them (I basically want to play dictator and ruler!!), which shall perhaps make it highly debate and hopefully a bit interesting as well. Its all about personal freedom of a person and the beauty it can bring along sometimes. Just hope that others will enjoy as much I do writing about them.

In short, its contradiction of the title of the blog.

However, an an author I will be hoping for a general liking for the stuff put up here, but suggestions to change and improve upon are always welcome. People who feel the need to be Nazi bloggers online, please help yourself out of this space, and spread your beliefs somewhere else.

About the author

Wrik Sen
Profession: Content Writer 
Age: Take your guess!
Nationality: Indian
Interests: Too random to create a list

This info about me, the author is perhaps not enough. So who ever might be interested, is welcome to comment and ask to contacted personally (not that all of them will be answered for obvious reasons).

Thanks & regards: FineartAmerica