Sen'sbucket And What Is It All About

Sen's bucket as originally targeted, will be picking up random stories from subjects from virtually anywhere, with the intent of tickling the readers and author's mind. Without the use of creating a trend, this blog aims to be a easy-read name for those who have a more random approach to things online. Quality control will be taken care of as far as possible, but readers are expected to cross check sources and judge the quality of content on this blog.

The story behind this is all about what I (the author) want to write with regards to. From the insanely expensive and attractive and not-so attractive, to the most mundane and ignored (otherwise) and taken for granted , and the sensitive and not-so sensitive issues;  whatever strikes me and can be feasibly put up as a blog entry, just might find a place here. This is one medium where authority and freedom have a different meaning from what is generally thought of them (I basically want to play dictator and ruler!!), which shall perhaps make it highly debate and hopefully a bit interesting as well. Its all about personal freedom of a person and the beauty it can bring along sometimes. Just hope that others will enjoy as much I do writing about them.

In short, its contradiction of the title of the blog.

However, an an author I will be hoping for a general liking for the stuff put up here, but suggestions to change and improve upon are always welcome. People who feel the need to be Nazi bloggers online, please help yourself out of this space, and spread your beliefs somewhere else.

About the author

Wrik Sen
Profession: Content Writer 
Age: Take your guess!
Nationality: Indian
Interests: Too random to create a list

This info about me, the author is perhaps not enough. So who ever might be interested, is welcome to comment and ask to contacted personally (not that all of them will be answered for obvious reasons).

Thanks & regards: FineartAmerica 


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