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Sublym- The Latest In Modern Stylish Dining

The Sublym main dining area
Modern restaurants who are looking to experiment with themes, are actually going the minimalistic, the contemporary, with the touch of Europe in their styling theme, something rather obvious at Sublym, Gurgaon. This restaurant, located in Sector-29, Gurgaon, is definitely a refreshing place to be for the empowered young of today, as well as those who would prefer things to be a bit mellow at the same time. That is a feeling one gets setting foot into the main dining space as seen here, awash with greys, chrome, and whites dominating the color theme of the place. In fact, with a few restaurant reviewers around, it managed to come alive by a great extent, and generally seemed to please with what was on offer.

Gifts For Men: Using Scotch As A Gift Has Advantages

Some gifting options this season
With lifestyle changes happening on a virtually daily basis, the social norms associated with it are also undergoing several changes, including Gifts for men. Some presume these gifts to be be run of the mill, but lifestyle products and changing tastes have bought about a huge number of options to pick from, including the classic bottle of Scotch as a gift. Unique to its own characteristics and having its own reasons, the scotch gifting option can make a lasting impression, while also leaving room for options other than the classic cuff-links, leather briefcases, special handwritten notes, or even luggage tags for that matter. Keeping the reasons in mind, here are some to note why scotch is getting so popular as gift: