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The Wedding Trousseau Collection Launch By Parul J

The store in Defence Colony
Fashion events always bring along a sense of grandeur with them, especially if the Indian festive half of the year is around the corner, and people loosen their pockets a bit. The Wedding Trousseau collection launch by Parul J, is one such showcase into how the upcoming season, can actually drive the demands of the creative and fashionable of us all. Various silhouettes, fabric painting art, and inspiration from European designs, are highlights of the collection, designed by the very ravishing herself, Parul Jain.

Lucheon At The QLA Restaurant- Contemporary Luxurious Dining

The restaurant entrance
An afternoon in a posh restaurant is generally a well-spent span of time, especially if it is the likes of the Qla restaurant in Mehrauli in Delhi. The reasons are actually quiet a handful, and could vary from ambiance and decor, food, fellow patrons, menu balance, or any special memory of the place. A bunch of food enthusiasts were invited over to this restaurant, and keeping in mind the upper-crust of clientele patronizing the designer label stores around, the Qla was done up to match those standards. Looking at it the other, there was this very western very European rather, feel to the whole designer, something which was noticed on the inside.

Of The New Partnership Between HMSHost And Lite Bite Foods For Travel Destinations

Executives from HMS Host & Lite Foods, including Amit Burman and Walter Seib
India is undergoing a massive change when it comes to travelling destination; that's exactly the kind of message that came through during the JV announcement between HMS Host & Lite Bite Foods, at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road in Delhi. With the polish of the premises, and a healthy generosity of food and information, announcements towards changing the domestic travel landscape were announced. Highway travel, airport travel, and even train travel will never be the same, and the companies mentioned, are trying to create 'One-stop-Shops' at various destinations where shopping to eating, and even refuelling can be done with ease. Stoppages on  long journeys is going to be history.