Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Kinda Home: Villa Artemis (Cyprus)

Villa Artemis, Cyprus 
Me and several others, who would be reading this might belong to those who live in main cities, which by far have turned into concrete jungles. Life in these places  by far and large, is congestion oriented and perhaps even claustrophobic for quiet a few. Its no wonder, that the quiet places are now becoming hot spots for holidaying and taking some time away. If the concerned has the extra cash, they could even go as far as to buy a property for their own holidaying time in that location, and admittedly so, I have the similar desire. From the many out there, there is this particular one in Cyprus, which did manage to get catch my eye:

Description of the Property

Built with signature Cypriot architecture style with the low lying exterior garden walls, apart from the textured landscaping, natural stone pavements designs, shading pergolas, and also the provision for the stone BBQ. Being in an Asian country, never really saw how the BBQ works, but the sound of it does spark quite the interest in me, naturally inclining me to believe the exotic sound of it. However, the most interesting and even the most beautiful part of it all, is the pristine and rather panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, which is a forever flowing blanket of blue clear waters, and a physical evidence of how beautiful nature can actually be. We miss so much of that in the cities, don't we? Well, other than scenic beauty, the house has a swimming pool just in case you wanted to take a dip, apart from the real neat looking landscaped gardens, and the shaded pergolas too. Even the terrace of the villa has been paved where one can indulge in some sun bathing, or perhaps even organize the week-end get together .  Since this place comes with its own furniture, one might not even need to spend more moolah in setting it up. The Stand out point which seemed very useful to me, was the special heat pump, which ensures a warm supply of water throughout the property including the swimming pool. So this means, in the colder days wont really put a stop to some fun and frolic in the pool, and I can hope for some warmer times in there (dreaming for now atleast). 

The Measurements

Total Area:  30,031 sq ft
Covered Area: 2,233.50 sq ft
There is also provision for a space of 430.55 sq feet of space where one could create another construction. Perhaps most suitable for a garden office or an exclusive entertainment room. 

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sen'sbucket And What Is It All About

Sen's bucket as originally targeted, will be picking up random stories from subjects from virtually anywhere, with the intent of tickling the readers and author's mind. Without the use of creating a trend, this blog aims to be a easy-read name for those who have a more random approach to things online. Quality control will be taken care of as far as possible, but readers are expected to cross check sources and judge the quality of content on this blog.

The story behind this is all about what I (the author) want to write with regards to. From the insanely expensive and attractive and not-so attractive, to the most mundane and ignored (otherwise) and taken for granted , and the sensitive and not-so sensitive issues;  whatever strikes me and can be feasibly put up as a blog entry, just might find a place here. This is one medium where authority and freedom have a different meaning from what is generally thought of them (I basically want to play dictator and ruler!!), which shall perhaps make it highly debate and hopefully a bit interesting as well. Its all about personal freedom of a person and the beauty it can bring along sometimes. Just hope that others will enjoy as much I do writing about them.

In short, its contradiction of the title of the blog.

However, an an author I will be hoping for a general liking for the stuff put up here, but suggestions to change and improve upon are always welcome. People who feel the need to be Nazi bloggers online, please help yourself out of this space, and spread your beliefs somewhere else.

About the author

Wrik Sen
Profession: Content Writer 
Age: Take your guess!
Nationality: Indian
Interests: Too random to create a list

This info about me, the author is perhaps not enough. So who ever might be interested, is welcome to comment and ask to contacted personally (not that all of them will be answered for obvious reasons).

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