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Eco-Friendly Energy Sources: A Solution To Problems Of Tomorrow

Pollution, rising fuel prices, heavy consumption of machinery and equipment: all seem to be a part of the same underlying crisis which is eminent in the world today; the energy crisis. With nature taking a beating with the carbon emissions, fuel supply chains getting pushed and pulled in different ways, there is very little ways in which one can overlook the  widespread concern about the avenues for alternative fuel whose demand is on the rise. There hopefully, have been a few solutions, and has caught the attention of many but needs more concentrated effort never the less. This is all about a few of these alternative eco-friendly fuels which could end up meeting our demands for energy:

1)Bio diesel

Bio diesel is, in simple terms, an eco-friendly fuel created by reacting any animal or vegetable fat (oils), with an alcohol  which can produce fatty acid easters. The resultant fluid not only emits much lesser carbon and other toxic gases,  but also plays in maintaining the engine or comb…