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LIVitup Is The Ayurvedic Hangover Shield Before Anything Boozy

Customized sample pack for LIVitup testing

Alcohol consumption is a habit of the modern lifestyle, though it obviously differs from individual to individual, as to how much or frequently it is consumed. For those that do consume, one of the common issues is the hangover problem, the 'morning after', or after a period of sleep from the drinks taken. This means a period of nerve-wrecking headaches, the nausea which follows, and the seriously wretched period of throwing up, but there is indeed a solution to avoid this discomfort. Dadra based Herbolab India's brand, called Dr. Vaidya's, has a product called LIVitup! which is ayurvedic set of tablets to prevent the hangovers, and hopefully leave good experiences to recount after!