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Celebrating Life And Florals With Sakul Intakul

Florals in color pots
The summers are here, and the so called spring is on the wane. The nastyness of the Delhi summer is indeed looming, for the horrified lot that is set to endure it till the end of the year. In between the weather temperature, an equally engaging event came about at the Aqua Lounge at the Park Hotel on Parliament Street in Delhi. The event was to ".. celebrate life (sic)", as the man of the day Sakul Intakul would put it, and also to launch the engineer-turned-floral artist. Done in partnership with the Museum of Floral Culture, Bangkok, the launch of the book titled 'Grand Celebrations: Extraordinary Floral Designs for Weddings and Events' bought some of the city's well-known faces, apart from a part of the top management of the Park Hotel including Priya Paul, the Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, and also the corporate communications team. This was celebrating 'flower power' so to say, in the best settings possible.