Celebrating Life And Florals With Sakul Intakul

Florals in color pots

The summers are here, and the so called spring is on the wane. The nastyness of the Delhi summer is indeed looming, for the horrified lot that is set to endure it till the end of the year. In between the weather temperature, an equally engaging event came about at the Aqua Lounge at the Park Hotel on Parliament Street in Delhi. The event was to ".. celebrate life (sic)", as the man of the day Sakul Intakul would put it, and also to launch the engineer-turned-floral artist. Done in partnership with the Museum of Floral Culture, Bangkok, the launch of the book titled 'Grand Celebrations: Extraordinary Floral Designs for Weddings and Events' bought some of the city's well-known faces, apart from a part of the top management of the Park Hotel including Priya Paul, the Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, and also the corporate communications team. This was celebrating 'flower power' so to say, in the best settings possible.

  Some of the floral circles

With the demand of Sakul Intakul being high at the event, it was tough to get hold of the man and strike a conversation for more than a few minutes, but his cheerful energy was for all to witness. With a child-like enthusiasm to explain people the work he has done thus far, he let out that he began experiment from an young age having being interested in florals and floral arrangement. As luck would have it, the royal family of Thailand came upon this budding talent, and things 'rolled-on' from there, to build a stellar body of work. It includes floral installations at the Apeejay Centenary Celebrations, obvious royal commissions from HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand, property wide installations at the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in Bali, and also the red carpet floral arrangements as seen at the Rome International Film Festival. 

Creativity with colored water tubes

The story of Sakul extends even beyond those just mentioned. Amongst endless smiles, he also lets us know that he has authored a few international bestsellers on floral art and culture such as 'Tropical Colors: The Art of Living with Tropical Flowers', and 'Dok Mai Thai: The Flower Culture of Thailand', other than contributing his expertise as a newspaper and magazine columnist. 

  With yellow and orange marigold flowers

Being themed around flowers, all the food and tasting was centered around the same as well. Edible flowers was also a crucial component of the menu delicacies, even orchids being a part of the welcome drink even! The savories were garnished with edible flowers too. 

 The Orchid based welcome drink

For those looking to grab a copy of the latest work of Sakul Intakul, head over to Oxford Bookstore, where it is available for a price tag of Rs 3,600. You could order it online as well. 

The man of the day Sakul Intakul with guests

And some more shots of the event:

Guests doing some floral rearrangements, including Sakul Intakul

Sakul Instakul and Priya Paul (Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels)

Some fresh juices in tube glasses

Plenty of refreshing tea to choose from

The poolside setting of the Aqua Lounge

Aqua Lounge entrance decor


magiceye said…
Beautiful essay of the fascinating event!
Sitang Pui said…
Nice article with such a gorgeous flower arrangement. Thanks for sharing!
Bushra Muzaffar said…
Lovely displays. Wonderful to be part of such a beautiful event.

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