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Diva'Ni Monsoon 2015 Collection- The Bollywood Fashion Connect

The Diva'Ni style quotient Movies have for a long time, and will be for a considerable time in the future, a part of the Indian psyche, associated with much emotion. So anything to do with it, more or less, clicks with the population at large. One of the easiest ways, is fashion, and that's what the South Extension- II based Diva'ni is doing. As a partner with YRF (Yash Raj Films), KBSH Pvt Ltd created Diva'Ni, as a sister brand of the company (full form: Karol Bagh Saree House), which is all about couture inspired by the movies of the well-known movie production house. From the grandeur to the prominent styles, Diva'ni has bought out the essence of their cinematic fashion, for the public to indulge in. As the season goes, they unveiled their Monsoon 'First drizzle' collection, which did bring out a new set of brightness to the palette. 

Cbazaar Rebrands Into Ethnovogue Fashion Style

The re-branding story
Cbazaar, earlier known as Chennai Bazaar, has re-branded itself with the Ethnovogue range, for taking Indian fashion and fabrication legacy, to consumers placed outside the country. India has long been a source of keen interest for the diaspora abroad, who wanted to don authentic Indian styling, and look more into the nation's fabric heritage. Cbazaar's relaunch with the Ethnovogue range, is something looks to strengthen the nation's 'soft power' (power without generating force and coercion) in the long term scheme of things, as the demand overseas is clear and positive. Gracing this occasion, as one of Indian fashion prominent icons Ritu Kumar, who lent her support to the venture.

Welcoming Monsoon Fashion With S&S Trunk Show

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Festivities and decor of the S&S Trunk Show 2015
The S&S Trunk Show, started in 2011, took place yet again at the Mansion of the Hyaat Regency hotel in New Delhi. On the 4th of July, new and veteran labels alike took part of the maze of a retail experience, which was about fashion, style, and endless shoppers looking for decking up their wardrobes and collections. So popular is the show for sellers, that it is already in the 15th season since it began in 2011, being the brainchild of Sonam Pall and Shreya Dalmia Agarwal. Their penchant for highlighting some of fashion's most elite brands continues, as their past records include names like Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Emilio Pucci, Bally, Porsche Design, Jimmy Choo, Furla, Alexander McQueen, Dior Kids, Baby Ralph Lauren, Armani Junior, Prada, Ted Baker, Fendi, Outhouse, and Valliyan apart from various brands across the border.