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The Diva'Ni style quotient
Movies have for a long time, and will be for a considerable time in the future, a part of the Indian psyche, associated with much emotion. So anything to do with it, more or less, clicks with the population at large. One of the easiest ways, is fashion, and that's what the South Extension- II based Diva'ni is doing. As a partner with YRF (Yash Raj Films), KBSH Pvt Ltd created Diva'Ni, as a sister brand of the company (full form: Karol Bagh Saree House), which is all about couture inspired by the movies of the well-known movie production house. From the grandeur to the prominent styles, Diva'ni has bought out the essence of their cinematic fashion, for the public to indulge in. As the season goes, they unveiled their Monsoon 'First drizzle' collection, which did bring out a new set of brightness to the palette. 

 Chunk of their monsoon collection
Since the summers are always behind the monsoons in the northern part of India, the fashion pallet, as in the Diva'ni new collection, reflects the summers' brightness, through strong bright red, tangerine, yellow, and the floral in prints. Like some of the heavy dresses they make, the one element common in their latest work, is the craftsmanship which sets them apart.  
 The Diva'ni collection in traditional designs

One of the highlights of the Diva'Ni brand of clothing, is the intricacy of the work put in. In each of the designs one sees here, most of the work is handcrafted, and with special attention being paid to the refined metal wires being used to create the designs. Next most prominent attribute is the finesse shown in the shapes, which are drafted perfectly to suit most clients. 

 Garchola with gold plated wires

One of the pieces included this supposed 'garchola' saree, which has thread work done with gold plated wires, which the head designer was more than pleased to show. She also mentioned, that such clothing isn't just something one can buy of the shelf. This particular saari took close to a month's time to create in all its finery. 

 One of the prominent sarees

If one recalls, most of YRF movies have extremely bold colors and come across more vibrantly for their designs. There were obviously quiet a few options, this blue one being one of the most prominent ones from Diva'ni. Though this isn't a part of the Monsoon 2015 collection, it shows prominently for those looking to buy something for traditional occasions. 

  Bright lime green saree

Fashion choices always somehow roam around what we see in movies (folks, admit it!). With what YRF does in its movies' fashion wardrobes, it is bound to get into demand list of most shoppers, and that is what Diva'ni has captured in essence and color, especially this bright green saree. This saree seemed like a perfect, and an increasingly popular theme of the bright shades. With a lightness of the fabric, this would perhaps be best suited for a pre-wedding function, or simply a social occasion in the summers. 

 Intricacy of beaded stones

How can there be a wedding or a social occasion highlighted in a YRF movie, and the 'bling' factor missing? But the bling factor craftsmanship is a tough job, as can be seen from a close-up of the saree. From a distance, this is something which will reflect on the fashion choices of a bride, who wishes to draw a lot of attention towards herself. 

 A traditional bridal lehenga

The settings of the Diva'ni store is much in tune to what they want to divert the primary attention to; the movies. From the lights to the thematic doors, the settings seemed just about as conducive for a filmy shopping spree. 

Take that for a blouse

The Diva'ni collections are definitely for the filmy oriented public, who want to get professionally done dresses, closest to what they see on screen. More or less, they are bent on clothes, but some glimpses of the jewelry shows, they are indeed a complete traditional shopping destination. 

Jewelry Shots:

Semi-precious stone and gold jewelry

 Some prominent bracelets and necklaces

Some of the other scenes:

Star photos with their autograph at the entrance

Some Treats (by Rolling Pin Bakery)

 Some great tarts to keep the tummy happy

 Pure guilt eating

Some more shots of the Diva'Ni store

A bridal set

First Lady collection

Some more of the Monsoon collection

 Address: M-10, 1st Floor, South Extension-II, New Delhi



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