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The Innisfree touchdown at the Galleria market

Some super fine moisturizing solutions from Innisfree
The summers are blazing, and any chance to 'chill-out' or simply come to a place for enjoying the nicer things in life, is always welcome. It becomes all the more interesting when one is the solo male member of a group, which has mainly made up of women, and some really good looking ones at that. Coming to the main point of the event, Innisfree marked the launch of the it's 2nd store in the locale (Khan Market is the 1st one), at the DLF Galleria Mall in Gurgaon (Delhi/NCR). AmorePacific, the South-Korean beauty enterprise, is on an expansion spree in the region, and the venue was certainly a great choice. 

The Gallery opens with Julian Opie's 'Winter' art collection

The British Council surrounding gardens
When it was a chance to 'hang-out' for an evening at the British Council in New Delhi, there was always the strong inclination to take up the offer and make good. The building has always been a nice place to be in, and it proved to be nicer with the launch of 'The Gallery' with Julian Opie's 'Winter' collection of art pieces. His works, mostly dominated by themes from the British countryside, shows a lot of the winter one might get to see in selected parts of France. 

Silhouettes 2015- Exposure To India's Fabric Heritage

Creative brains and judges at Silhouettes 2015
Amongst the many things in India which has always managed to gather worldwide attention, is the tradition from different parts of the country, with regards to food, language, culture, and of course, fabrics! The Silhouettes 2015 event was one such celebration event, which had the graduating batch from B.D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology showcased a lot of the creative experiments at the event, which included some industry bigwigs in attendance. As some of those attending the event mentioned, the 'imaginative creativity' and 'innovative designing skills' did enthral to came to take a look.