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Hazrat Ameer Khusro: soul enchanted and fulfilled

In the great chilled winter, a great many seek intoxications; some from alcohol, and some from culture, music, and religion. The recent 'Rang-E-Khusro' evenings held at the Indian Habitat Center in New Delhi, proved to be a total intoxicator for the romantic, a dive into local Sufi culture, fulfillment for the souls deprived of poetry, and a view that goes beyond the usual scenarios of life today. Poetry, classical music, and a taste for the works of Hazrat Ameer Khusro, brought together a sizable audience in the cold of the Delhi winter, very suitably disguised by the enchantment of artistic display. For a wanderer, this was home-coming in the purest form.

Christmas indulgence on paper by Inksedge

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The holiday season is here, and ways to indulge are being sought with as much dexterity, as the nearest spot to keep warm in the cold season. In this time when all and sundry is online and electronic, there can be times when indulgences of the traditional times can be sought for, like greeting cards on paper, with customized designs and personalized messages. That is exactly what Inksedge is hoping to capitalize on, with their crafting of personalized gift cards for perhaps every occasion there is, and that too with a personalized touch.

Standing strong with art: Stacy Rodrigues

Stacy Rodrigues 
While the world is consumed by delusional notions of what is perfect, whats works, what life is about, the spirit of the human being is something which shows wonders from time to time. In such circumstances, life becomes a fight, a conquest at every nook and turn, in almost every aspect which every human is fighting in their own way. Stacy Rodrigues is one such personality, who has used the visual medium of painting to go through life, become an achiever, and make an artistic impression along her journey of fighting life's battles.

Tourism New Zealand And Fanatic Sports Bring It On For World Cup 2015

Anant Roongta and Raghav Gupta
World Cup 2015 is less than 70 days away. For fans of the 'Gentleman's game', it will be the larger-than-life event which will have everyone sticking to their TV sets, or catching up every moment on their smart devices, or watching it live as few lucky ones will do. The main venues of this cricketing event has been based in New Zealand and Australia, and they are pooling their resources to ensure a healthy influx of tourists in the forthcoming season. The corporate gala on the 5th of December, was for that precise reason.

Cultural Fiesta at the International Dance Festival 2014

The International Dance Festival 2014 held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Bangalore (Bengaluru) on 29th November was a total treat for someone wholly into India's classical arts. The event was themed on 'legends', and  was a joint effort by the International Dance Alliance (IDA) and the Padmalaya Dance Foundation, which featured 30 artists from the city of Bangalore and Mysore, apart from some in the United States. There were 4 distinct dancing styles showcased with music compositions set over 4 centuries.

This occasion also happened to be a tribute to Late Ms. Leela Shekhar, the Founder Chairperson, IDA.