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The holiday season is here, and ways to indulge are being sought with as much dexterity, as the nearest spot to keep warm in the cold season. In this time when all and sundry is online and electronic, there can be times when indulgences of the traditional times can be sought for, like greeting cards on paper, with customized designs and personalized messages. That is exactly what Inksedge is hoping to capitalize on, with their crafting of personalized gift cards for perhaps every occasion there is, and that too with a personalized touch.

Inksedge is about getting out of the routine; the usual spa, excess chocolate, parties, food, vacation. This more about being more traditional in approach, but with modern aesthetics, and making things more personalized and memorable in the longer term. Highly obsessed with Italian paper, Inksedge has just come out with 4 new creations for the holiday season, including Christmas.

Nouvelle Anne

Size: 5 inch x 7 inch Paper: Imported Italian
The front is divided into 2 halves, with a cheerful wish written on one half and a personalized photo on the other. On the back a plain black background with attractive borders! There couldnt be a better way to wish someone Happy New Year!

Dream on Wings

Size: 5.25 inch x 5.25 inch Paper: Italian Imported
This card is just perfect for you if you are a big family! It sports a decent floral print with a picture of your happy family on the front and a personalized message on the back. There are 2 color options available. 

Sparkling Year

Size: 5.25 inch x 5.25 inch Paper: Italian Imported
Organizing a New Year bash? Invite your friends and family in style with this awesome card.  Let the year in with a smile and a goodbye in style.

Sweet Celebration

Size: 5 inch x 7 inch Paper: Italian Imported
This amazing card captures the joy and essence of Christmas beautifully! The front displays attractive Christmas decoration at the top and sweets.

These are just some of the samples at Inksedge ( website, but there is a whole lot more to be cherished. They have managed to hit a sweet spot when it comes to targeting people, who prefer the traditional stationary, but would like with touches of modern aesthetics. 


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