Standing strong with art: Stacy Rodrigues

Stacy Rodrigues 

While the world is consumed by delusional notions of what is perfect, whats works, what life is about, the spirit of the human being is something which shows wonders from time to time. In such circumstances, life becomes a fight, a conquest at every nook and turn, in almost every aspect which every human is fighting in their own way. Stacy Rodrigues is one such personality, who has used the visual medium of painting to go through life, become an achiever, and make an artistic impression along her journey of fighting life's battles.
When Stacy was born, she was diagnosed with a rare malady called Heredomacular Dengeneration. On simpler terms, it meant that she would have around 20 to 25% of normal visual abilities, and would be classified as a visually impaired individual. 

Stacy's health issues weren't really diagnosed until she was around 14 years old. All visits to the doctors based within Goa and outside came with the same assessment, which would be roughly translated into 'having a camera with bad film'. Progressing through life was indeed tough; social humiliation accompanied by failing career opportunities wasn't the easiest thing to overcome. She had wished to become a journalist or a writer, but her ailment would never allow her to go much further. Blessed with good vocals, she was forced to take up a degree course at the Goa College of Music, but the struggle continued there as well.

Tragedy then came from within the family, and hence she was forced to take up a Diploma in Radio Management, which would make lesser use of her visual abilities, and help her resurrect a professional career. But then, luck wouldn't side with her even there, and it was eventually her brother that made her take a decision, that was to change her life for good; going to the gym! It was at the gymnasium that Stacy met her trainer Donovan, who then inspired her to be healthy, and tap into her creative abilities as a painter, despite her problems with her sight, and issues with recognizing colors, the fundamental aspect of the art.

Taking Donovan's and later his wife's advice to heart, Stacy started working at recognizing colors in further depth, and experimenting with her expression of creativity. Water colors, crayons, pastel paints, and finally acrylics, became her instruments of choice, to express her anguish at being marginalized for her ailment, and also a testimony of what she has endured through life. 

When one studies her works, there is a clear message that this woman is much more than what society chooses to define her by; an ailment upon which she may not have much control over. From the talent she has, to her method of using the color palette, shows that Stacy Rodrigues is never someone to bow down to circumstances. Her message for fighting on with challenges from life, is imprinted in her painting and creative works (including her book 'Reflections').

Stacy had several works showcased before, including the event at Goa recently. For those looking to see some more of her's artistry, January 2015 will have another exhibition of her works, titled 'The Voyage'. Details are as follows:

Venue: Cache Art Gallery Bandra
Date : 2nd to 5th January 2015
Timing: 11 am to 8 pm

Leaving with a note on 'Voyage', in her own words "Journeying through life isn't easy especially when caught up in the dark. But, darkness is the beginning of every journey. It maybe from the womb of our mother or the hard way up in life… it is the law of nature after the deepest night comes a beautiful day. The school of life offers great teachings with nature and time as the best tutors we should only possess a positive attitude work hard  and be ready to accept and learn so that, we shine as better individuals. The canvas speaks the language of colors and getting to know this language is quite amazing for, recognizing colors is still a challenge. This is yet another attempt to bring to life 'the voyage' that is my experiences, dreams and ideas through the medium of colors."



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