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Bonhomie for Mojolane Spring-Summer 2015 launch highlights

Smokey's interior wall detailing the brands on board
It's summer, its hot, and everyone wants something comfortable, decent looking, and not over the top expensive to wear. What this means is, there are a set of brands out there trying to reach out to the crowd with their own creative samples as to what would suit them best. That is how exactly a bunch of bloggers landed up at New Delhi's Smokey's BBQ & Grill, for an evening of cocktails and fashion, by designer Avni Aneja, creator of the Bonhomie label. The settings were perhaps a bit ill-fitted when it comes to dimensions of the restaurant, but the idea of getting the young to come together, certainly worked perfectly.

Deco Window Garden Torch- a preview

Deco Window's 4-pack box Garden Torch
The recent weeks have been spent in finding out all that is beautiful in other places, but there is a time for change for certain change, and look towards one's own home. That is the reason why the Deco Window garden torch was the focus this time, was because fashion is generally thought to be narrowed down to a few variables such as clothing. This is about fashion for the home. This is about fashion one can use to make a personal style statement. Hence, here is the 4-set of the garden torch by Deco Window, out of which, a single one will be shown in for the demo.

Kanelle by Kanika Jain Spring-Summer 2015 collection showcase

Kanelle by Kanika
The capital city of Delhi gets warmed up for reasons other than just the weather itself; its about what happens in the circuit of fashion and lifestyle in the industry. On Friday the 17th, Kanelle, the Spring-Summer collection by designer Kanika Jain was on display at her boutique in the Shahpur Jat area of New Delhi. From the beautiful designer (mentionably so!) herself, the theme of the collection on display was earthy with strong natural inspiration, with the sense of European touches in the styling.

European Union Film Festival 2015 takes off in Delhi

A central art piece chandeliers comprising  droplet shaped hand-written notes
A little late in the day, but people looking at the cultural scene in the capital are going to be having a gala time with the European Union Film Festival 2015 getting underway, at the Instituto Cervantes in Delhi. From the 8th April to the 20th of April, 2015, multiple nation states from the European Union will be showcasing their works of art, using motion pictures as their medium of creativity. A sure-shot go-to place for those who find delicacies of fine movie-making tingling their nerves, this festival is one of those noted cultural get-together that move beyond the obvious.

Tarun Tahiliani for Azva- Gold more than its price

The setup at the Bholasons outlet
Tarun Tahiliani for Azva, the collection on display at the Bholasons outlet in Gurgaon, was precisely for emphasis on the point of the title; Gold is more than its trading price! In recent times, gold has come to be associated as an investment avenue in the commodity market, loosing a part of its real shine as a precious canvas for artistic creations, and a lifestyle statement.  The man of the hour, designer Tarun Tahiliani delved deep into the craftsmanship associated with the precious metal, and said, "Like fabrics and embroidery, Gold has different techniques of work," which seemed to be highlighting theme of the show.