European Union Film Festival 2015 takes off in Delhi

 A central art piece chandeliers comprising 
droplet shaped hand-written notes

A little late in the day, but people looking at the cultural scene in the capital are going to be having a gala time with the European Union Film Festival 2015 getting underway, at the Instituto Cervantes in Delhi. From the 8th April to the 20th of April, 2015, multiple nation states from the European Union will be showcasing their works of art, using motion pictures as their medium of creativity. A sure-shot go-to place for those who find delicacies of fine movie-making tingling their nerves, this festival is one of those noted cultural get-together that move beyond the obvious.
Stretching the mind just a bit further

The setting within which this cultural fiesta was set, had to be equally artsy in the way it was hosted in. Instituto Cervantes had many interesting and eye appealing art pieces which was spread around the basement area of the building. Everything on display seem to have a message, a theme, or simply simply something, which would seriously work the mind to thinking in new dimensions.

 Classical statues with an abstract touch

This was the event that saw the diplomatic elite mix with the art enthusiasts with ease. From people associated with the media, to those who are there simply for the artistic demands, the event had a clear interaction between people who interacted simply for creative means. As Joao Cravinho, the European Union Ambassador put it, " ..this is more about a cultural connect." 

This keep one thinking for a long time

The European Union has long been a cultural hub, and looking for ways to come to other major zones such as India, where art holds such importance in lives of people. The cinema craft has also been one of the major strong points of what has been imported from that part of world, which comprises of 28 nations in the union. Though there is temptation to look at the economic side of such events, which definitely are significant, but cultural exchange and a glimpse into life there, is definitely the bottom-line here at the film festival.

EU Ambassador Joao Cravinho seen interacting with guests

The scheduled movies to be broadcasted include Go, Eddy, The Foreigner, Vis-A-Vis, Committed, The Don Juans, The Keeper of Lost Causes, Living Images, Boy Upside Down, Jappeloup, A place called home, The Ambassador to Bern, Pizzas, The symmetry of butterfly, Soof, Ida, A Woman's revenge, The Candidate, Shanghai Gypsy, Blancanieves, The Last sentence, and The age of cannibals. 

An art piece made with multi-colored 
tiny bells

The inauguration of the festival was with Pizzas, which is about two pizza bakers, Oskars and MatÄ«ss. They have huge plans for the future – studying at Oxford for instance. But one evening their lives are turned upside down. Most likely they’ll be charged guilty with the kidnapping of a child.

Multi-dimensional art on display

The film festival is stated to be going on in multiple cities around the country; Delhi and Chennai currently, but spreading to Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jodhpur, and Coimbatore as well. Entry is free, and will be available on a first come first serve basis. Considering not the majority will be interested, the idea sounds good for those looking to soak in the craft of movie making cutting across genres.




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