Bonhomie for Mojolane Spring-Summer 2015 launch highlights

 Smokey's interior wall detailing the brands on board

It's summer, its hot, and everyone wants something comfortable, decent looking, and not over the top expensive to wear. What this means is, there are a set of brands out there trying to reach out to the crowd with their own creative samples as to what would suit them best. That is how exactly a bunch of bloggers landed up at New Delhi's Smokey's BBQ & Grill, for an evening of cocktails and fashion, by designer Avni Aneja, creator of the Bonhomie label. The settings were perhaps a bit ill-fitted when it comes to dimensions of the restaurant, but the idea of getting the young to come together, certainly worked perfectly.

The young & energetic designer Avni Aneja

While high-street brands are around the corner and coming up with a fair bit of style quotient to boast of their own. But with this high-street categorization, comes a higher price tag. This is exactly what Bonhomie wants to beat, as all of its current Spring-Summer 2015 collection, comes within the Rs 499 to Rs 1799 price bracket. The label is being driven by the creative force of Avni Aneja, a young and vibrant persona. 

Some of the models walking out their make-shift ramp

Every day fashion is not always about something too bold. Bolder designs are slightly more targeted towards the special occasions one may be attending. Bonhomie seems more about everyday trendy fashion which college going or young freshly employed women can wear daily to their places of work/ study. Other than the pretty models here, the colourful bottles placed on the showcase rack on the hindsight, very classy, very young, very colorful. 

One of the wall designs

Spring-Summer collections sometimes tend to be associated with shorter lengths, and generosity of skin show for some. Bonhomie was rather different in that regard, with designs which can be highly fashionable, comfortable, and wearable for more often. It isn't always about the hard hitting bling which needs the highlighting. More subtlety can be used too. 

A white short dress- including skirt & top combo with a lace overlay

Fashion is something rather subjective, and that's one of the reasons why there are different ways of looking at it. For some, the creations showcased here are a slightly bolder set to choose from, but for some, this is perfectly ok for donning everyday! It's all about an individual statement. 

Vibrant yet wearable creations by Anvi Aneja

Bonhomie is brand, which is currently under the umbrella of Mojolane, which is a channel for young affordable fashion. They have some of the other brands such as ViaItalia (premium kidswear), CoolQuotient Graphics (graphic merchandize), CooQuotient Kids (kidswear), and Nomads & Saints (menswear). The Mojolane umbrella is a creations of the sibling duo of Ambar and Anvi Aneja. 

Flowing creations in different styles

For an evening of fun, fashion, and some pleasant banter, Avni Aneja sure did the attendees a lot of good. The choice of venue could have gotten a bit better, when it comes to settings and dimensions of the fashion show. Though it is another subjective aspect, but if one looks at these in brighter white light, they would look more pronounced, and better. But then, what better a setting than a hip-happening bar in South Delhi, like Smokey's Bar & Grill. 

A lot of variable prints and embellishments

A shorter black & white flowery playsuit

An awesome colorful highlight showcase at Smokey's Bar & Grill

Some of the other creations on mannequins

 Avni Aneja speaking about the Spring Summer 2015 collection

A few shots from the Lookbook of Bonhomie Spring-Summer 2015 collection by Avni Aneja

The maxi-dress from the Lookbook

Lace top Mini-skirt from the Lookbook

A design heavy maxi-skirt from the Lookbook

Red floral blouse from the Lookbook

A spring time classic dress from the Lookbook

A kimono top from the lookbook

A layered croptop from the Lookbook



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