Tarun Tahiliani for Azva- Gold more than its price

The setup at the Bholasons outlet

Tarun Tahiliani for Azva, the collection on display at the Bholasons outlet in Gurgaon, was precisely for emphasis on the point of the title; Gold is more than its trading price! In recent times, gold has come to be associated as an investment avenue in the commodity market, loosing a part of its real shine as a precious canvas for artistic creations, and a lifestyle statement.  The man of the hour, designer Tarun Tahiliani delved deep into the craftsmanship associated with the precious metal, and said, "Like fabrics and embroidery, Gold has different techniques of work," which seemed to be highlighting theme of the show.


Tarun Tahiliani with models sporting his creations

After all the razzmatazz at the Lakhme India Fashion Week, it was time for the designer to focus on the artistic delicacies of the malleable precious metal, gold. In case, one does not notice, all the pieces have '7' occurring in them. For example, the above noticed necklaces have 7 stones embedded in them. 

Another perfect coupling for the wedding season

Needless to say with the looks, all of it is more suited for the wedding season, when the bligging gets a bit heavy. But the unique part of these creations; the Satlaras, Statement Chokers, and Necklaces (like the one above), can be paired with a plain outfit. The idea in such a case would be to use the pieces as the central highlight. 

A classic 'kamarbhand'

The classic 'kamarbandh' is something thats not so common, especially outside the wedding circuit, but then it all matters with how one looks to highlight the creation. This one too, other than the wedding get-up is a great complement with a monochrome outfit. 

One of the multi-layered necklaces

Another multi-layered masterpiece, perfectly well suited for an off-shoulder number, or a wide necked blouse as seen here on the mannequin.  As the collection was meant to highlight, the creations are for the modern Indian bride who wants to keep the traditional elements like fine craftsmanship, and modern designs in equal measure for the big day.

The hostess for the evening trying on a necklace

In the words of Tarun Tahiliani himself, who was generous in spending time with the people present there, “In India, seven is the recurring number of holistic balance from the chakras to the pheras that solemnise a marriage. I have attempted to redefine gold- long left to languish as a commodity and bring in years of developing design into the vocabulary. Gold is exquisite on Indian skin but long out of favour for the ‘new bling’. However, as we come full circle, contemporary design mixed with the superb workmanship and create stackable pieces that go from occasion to bridal- and breathe new life into one of the oldest and finest traditions. Artisanal, refined, intricate and intrinsic in value, we are indeed privileged to be refashioning the new gold and bringing to shine its incredible attributes in association with Azva by World Gold Council.”

A lot of pretty faces from the crowd sporting the 
Azva Collection

The info about the name of the collection, 'Azva' is that it has ancient scripture roots of this country. According to the vedic times, 'Ashvaa' refers to the set of horses in front of chariots of the time period then. The whole set of horses, usually 7 in number was referred to as 'Ashvaa', which is also the inspiration behind the use of the '7' multiples in the jewelry collection. 

A showcase for sets in the 22-carat gold jewelry collection

If one was looking for a glittery time on a summer evening, the Tarun Tahiliani for Azva was a good event to be at, on the 2nd of April, 2015. The difference was perhaps the well-built ambiance where people seemed to be excited, and socialized enough to good taste. Having a master designer in the house definitely helps, and there seemed to be plenty interested in the jewelry collection, which had pieces ranging from 70 gms to 300 gms per set. 

Collection on display at the Bholasons store

Events such as this one, isnt just about the golden endowments on display. It was where the well-moneyed socialise, take things easy, and perhaps spend time away from everyday hectic schedules. Luckily for a few, there was the presence of online media, and the time seem well-spent. 

Tarun Tahiliani seemed at ease to socialize

So, in case someone is shopping around in Gurgaon, do drop in to the Bholasons store at the Gold Suk mall. Will be time well spent. 

Outside the store



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