Kanelle by Kanika Jain Spring-Summer 2015 collection showcase

Kanelle by Kanika

The capital city of Delhi gets warmed up for reasons other than just the weather itself; its about what happens in the circuit of fashion and lifestyle in the industry. On Friday the 17th, Kanelle, the Spring-Summer collection by designer Kanika Jain was on display at her boutique in the Shahpur Jat area of New Delhi. From the beautiful designer (mentionably so!) herself, the theme of the collection on display was earthy with strong natural inspiration, with the sense of European touches in the styling.

Designer Kanika Jain

The area of Shahpur Jat is known to to be populated with designer labels, who are doing a great deal by themselves in terms of establishing a name, and Kanika Jain should stand out. From the usual 'bling' associated with haute couture, Kanelle is about aesthetics just a bit more, with the blend of earthiness, and natural inspiration for creativity.

Semi-precious stone necklaces on jute background

Kanika's speciality areas are jewelry and fabrics. Here for example, she uses semi-precious stones for these handmade necklaces. To keep with the theme of the studio, she uses the display as natural jute cloth and patterned wood cabinet.

Earthy patterns galore in the collection

Apart from the not-so-great photography here, one would notice that the colors are seriously very 'summer', and don't have the brightness to shock you into seeing it. A decent bit of broken whites, blush pinks, pale yellows, beiges, blacks were seen in the collection. The fabric range had organic cottons, linens, rayons, Georgette, and square nets.

Jewelry collection in the Kanelle collection

It was almost a 'pagan' sort when one saw the jewelry. Very natural in the way the inspirations have been drawn, they are perfectly coupled with the rest of the clothes, which is about comfort and serious drift away from anything skin hugging. In case of the jewelry, it is about what you would see in nature, especially the sea which is abundant with aquatic life. The one above however, seems to be remind one of the sun, and the clocks developed during earlier civilizations. 

  The crystal and metal couplet in jewelry

The other experiment by Kanika, is the couplet of metal and crystal in jewelry, with the foundation of a metal. The notable part of the design seen here, is the more geometric shape.

 Footwear and bags designed by Kanika Jain

Though Kanika Jain doesn't say this part as one of her fortes, but she has designed shoes and bags as well. The use of tassles, like many of her clothing designs, are seen on the footwear (mojri shoe) too, along with her liking for the sea as shown by the use of tiny seashells. 

Gold work on a blouse

The other aspect of recent developments, and very rightly so, is the way 'bling' of gold is highlighted. The trends have now moved towards a more subtle and aesthetic in appeal, instead of being a 'loud' or over 'prominent' in its use. Like this gold worked blouse, has a plain black base over which golden overlay is the highlight. 

  A very colorful clutch

It is not always that the clothing or jewelry is the main highlight. Sometimes, an accessory like the clutch can turn enough heads in one's direction. This one by Kanika seems to be the pick of the lot. The chequered rope like texture works wonders for the semi-casual look, as do the embellishments in 3 colors of aqua blue, gold, and bright pink.

Off-shoulder gown by Kanika Jain

This multi-texture gown was one of the main highlights of the entire collection. With all the softness and earthiness around in the Kanelle Spring-Summer 2015 collection, this particular gown stood out from the rest. The texture is something to be watched from up-close and in detail. From the round beads to the geometric triangles, to  the wrinkles of the gray fabric; everything teamed up for showstopping outfit.

Semi-precious stonework with metal

The story of a designer's creativity is best left unstrapped within the confines of good literature, and curated words. It is more about an individual experience, which Kanika implied in many ways. Here are some more glimpses from the display at the Kanelle by Kanika collection, followed by some varied look highlights. 

 Crystals and semi-precious stonework handcrafted necklace

Going from a traditional bridal look, to these trendy Indo-European creations could actually be a very appealing choice during the wedding season, even for the multiple functions pre and post the actual wedding ceremony.




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