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PVR VKAAO Is More Kaabil With New Theater-On-Demand Services

Sanjeev Kumar Bijli (Left), Yami Gautam, Hrithik Roshan, Kamal Gianchandani unveling the VKAAO brand
Returning from the abyss of being 'e-absent', it was a rather pleasant time, trying to catch-up (watch, rather) with a few names, who were earlier a distant vision on TV, or online, as is the case here. In the winter of January 2017, PVR Ltd. took a step towards bringing cinema on a more customized level, with the launch of VKAAO, their 'Theater-On-Demand' service. It was obviously coupled with the promotion spree of Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starer 'Kaabil', which is stated for release later in the month. Though for the deep-thinkers' mind, some things may have been obvious, but for newbies who are not used to having A-listers around as often, the excitement of having the 'beauty with brains' and the 'best dancer of bollywood' (subjective of course) personas, became the center-stage of excitement at the event.