PVR VKAAO Is More Kaabil With New Theater-On-Demand Services

Sanjeev Kumar Bijli (Left), Yami Gautam, Hrithik Roshan, Kamal Gianchandani unveling the VKAAO brand

Returning from the abyss of being 'e-absent', it was a rather pleasant time, trying to catch-up (watch, rather) with a few names, who were earlier a distant vision on TV, or online, as is the case here. In the winter of January 2017, PVR Ltd. took a step towards bringing cinema on a more customized level, with the launch of VKAAO, their 'Theater-On-Demand' service. It was obviously coupled with the promotion spree of Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starer 'Kaabil', which is stated for release later in the month. Though for the deep-thinkers' mind, some things may have been obvious, but for newbies who are not used to having A-listers around as often, the excitement of having the 'beauty with brains' and the 'best dancer of bollywood' (subjective of course) personas, became the center-stage of excitement at the event.

Sanjeev Kumar Bijli (Left) with Yami Gautam, Hrithik Roshan, Kamal Gianchandani unveling the VKAAO logo 

Vkaao simplified

For anyone who has an addiction to movies, and wants to catch up with almost most of what is served in the cinemas, it is common to being able to catch up with it, owing to 'pressures of life', or more simply, a variety of instances. But there is always a chance, that there is a 15-20 member group of friends or people who have similar tastes, and they too decide on the particular flick as their next free-time activity. On comes Vkaao, the collective on-web platform, that will allow users to choose films as their nearest PVR theater, 'create the screening' by choosing the venue, theater and timing, send across the invitation online, and finally land up on the designated time for the movie! And to top it all, not just mainstream hindi movies, there are regional options there as well.

The best part of the service is, that one can even select from the vault classics, or movies that are designated classics from the yester years. Perhaps that flick that your parents rue over, the classic that your local movie society wanted the group members to watch, or anything that is not running in the theaters right now, can be curated and watched via the Vkaoo service. Only this time, the tickets could be a bit more expensive depending upon a load of factors, but this margin may not be much considering the education and value one ends up with. 

 Sanjeev Kumar Bijli (Left) with Yami Gautam, Hrithik Roshan, Kamal Gianchandani interacting with the media

While a lot of the movies currently running are run for an average 3 to 4 weeks, depending upon the pre-scheduled screenings. However, later when there is a latent audience, or the late comers to the scene so to say, can catch up on the movies at their mutually convenient schedule, and then see how it all goes! This is also where the independent or the mainstream movie makers come in, as they often face a limited exposure during the normal screening schedules. If there are people hunting for that particular flick which did not get mainstream attention, then Vkaao ought to be the choice of service to get the audience engaged once again. 

Leaving the audience with the basic information, and a hope it brings about some change of opinion, and sharing of information, here are some shots from the Vkaao application, available for download. 


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