Alcis Sportswear Using Technology To Bring Together Fashion Within Limited Budget

Some of the sample shirts at the event
With 'Make in India' aspirations to drive the country's growth still very much in priority, it was quiet the positive development watching one of India's homegrown enterprises taking a bite of the Indian sportswear market. Alcis Sportswear, based out of Noida, have targeted the similar kind of space where typically the big names of the sportswear world, have made their hay and turned into corporate behemoths. Alcis has launched their line of jerseys/t-shirts, most of which use distinctive fabric technology and recycling, to create products which are much more eco-friendly, distinctively fashionable, and even within the budgets of many. While typically the bigger names of the industry have made hay with a few tweaks of designing, Alcis proves that there is enough to do in the space of sportwear for the Indian entity too.

Fitso SEALs Pool In Noida As The New Aquatic Fitness Destination

The length of the pool from the other side
Fitness and hobby activities are always a lucrative idea for all, and when there is a pool involved, things are meant to go a notch up higher. New Fitness entity Fitso SEALs have ventured into the NCR region with the unveiling of the region's first pre-heated indoor swimming pool, where pros and newbies can splash alongside. The pool is based within the basement section of the LPS Global School in Sector 51 Noida, which by itself is a relatively new campus, giving in a sense of freshness to the entire launch event taking place on the 17th of December, 2017. The place did warm up, owing to the presence of locals and management alike, to witness the facilities, get word on the memberships, and perhaps even buying if it fit their budget.

Dilliwala Khazana Festival Was Fantasy Treat For The Senses

The very famous Daulat Ki Chaat being served at the festival
In the course of daily life, and perhaps partly with trying to keep excess calories and fat out of one's diet, the rush of a treat to one's tastebuds goes missing along with time. And that is exactly why festivals like the Dilliwala Khazana come into the picture, to treat one's gastronomic side to an absolute array of delights. From Daulat ki Chaat (a heavenly treat for the delicate tongue with it's light weight and a lingering creamy aftertaste) to Fried Momos, to Milkshakes, to Kebabs, and many such more, were there at the festival which took place at the Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, over a 3-day period.

Getting A Reliable Car Spa Experience Just Got Easier With Car Fit Experts

Windshield Experts outlet in Kailash Colony where Car Fit Experts are present too
Car care is becoming an increasing concern, especially those who spend more than a pretty buck buying and maintaining, sometimes with less than desired results. While buying is relatively more of a possibility, maintaining it remains a pain point considering the plethora of local car repair and cleaning services, whose work can never really be banked upon. That is where Car Fit Experts (a Windshield Experts brand) comes in, taking care of a lot of common issues which car owners in metropolises face, including wiper blade replacement, battery check replacement, car detailing & headlight restoration, alongside car care products. The outlet at Kailash Colony in Delhi, was the place of showcase of some of the services.

Jack Daniel's Masterclass On The Tennessee Whisky Trail And The Brand

Jack Daniel's staple
With commonly believed traditions of whiskey tasting, Scottish whisky tends to be taking in the leads as favorites of connoisseurs and consumers at large. It was not until Jack Daniels decided to hold a masterclass at the Taj Hotel in Diplomatic Enclave in Delhi, that the intricacies of American, and more specifically Tennesse whiskey, became more clear. The masterclass was hosted by Cam Dawson, the UK brand ambassador of the Jack Daniel's brand, who himself is a Scot, but took to the American variety after developing a taste fairly early. 

LIVitup Is The Ayurvedic Hangover Shield Before Anything Boozy

Customized sample pack for LIVitup testing

Alcohol consumption is a habit of the modern lifestyle, though it obviously differs from individual to individual, as to how much or frequently it is consumed. For those that do consume, one of the common issues is the hangover problem, the 'morning after', or after a period of sleep from the drinks taken. This means a period of nerve-wrecking headaches, the nausea which follows, and the seriously wretched period of throwing up, but there is indeed a solution to avoid this discomfort. Dadra based Herbolab India's brand, called Dr. Vaidya's, has a product called LIVitup! which is ayurvedic set of tablets to prevent the hangovers, and hopefully leave good experiences to recount after!

Dr. Oetker Funfood's Milk Shake Mix In Kesar Pista And Badam Elaichi

Funfood's new flavors; Kesar Pista and Badam-Elaichi
The summers are indeed killing it, or rather us, literally. The temperatures are soaring enough, and a cooler was much needed. That is when milkshakes came to mind, especially the ones you can try our with chilled milk, to beat the heat. Funfood's was generous enough to send some samples across of their latest products in the milkshake range, namely the Kesar-Pista and Badam-Elaichi mix, and both of them really did serve their purpose.