Jack Daniel's Masterclass On The Tennessee Whisky Trail And The Brand

Jack Daniel's staple
With commonly believed traditions of whiskey tasting, Scottish whisky tends to be taking in the leads as favorites of connoisseurs and consumers at large. It was not until Jack Daniels decided to hold a masterclass at the Taj Hotel in Diplomatic Enclave in Delhi, that the intricacies of American, and more specifically Tennesse whiskey, became more clear. The masterclass was hosted by Cam Dawson, the UK brand ambassador of the Jack Daniel's brand, who himself is a Scot, but took to the American variety after developing a taste fairly early. 

LIVitup Is The Ayurvedic Hangover Shield Before Anything Boozy

Customized sample pack for LIVitup testing

Alcohol consumption is a habit of the modern lifestyle, though it obviously differs from individual to individual, as to how much or frequently it is consumed. For those that do consume, one of the common issues is the hangover problem, the 'morning after', or after a period of sleep from the drinks taken. This means a period of nerve-wrecking headaches, the nausea which follows, and the seriously wretched period of throwing up, but there is indeed a solution to avoid this discomfort. Dadra based Herbolab India's brand, called Dr. Vaidya's, has a product called LIVitup! which is ayurvedic set of tablets to prevent the hangovers, and hopefully leave good experiences to recount after!

Dr. Oetker Funfood's Milk Shake Mix In Kesar Pista And Badam Elaichi

Funfood's new flavors; Kesar Pista and Badam-Elaichi
The summers are indeed killing it, or rather us, literally. The temperatures are soaring enough, and a cooler was much needed. That is when milkshakes came to mind, especially the ones you can try our with chilled milk, to beat the heat. Funfood's was generous enough to send some samples across of their latest products in the milkshake range, namely the Kesar-Pista and Badam-Elaichi mix, and both of them really did serve their purpose.

The Story Of North-East India’s Rich Fabric Legacy

Assam Silk Saree (Courtesy: Giftideaz) India’s North-Eastern sisters, a group of states including Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Sikkim, indeed happen to be a part of the union of India, but seem to be out of focus from a lot of the mainstream development. However, this has not changed the fact, that part of India happens to be a zone of great legacies including those related to fabrics and handloom. This is an honest effort in the direction of exploring this legacy, of varied fabrics and handloom, indigenous to this region of India. 

Ambience Spring Carnival 2017 Has Begun Amid Some Refreshment And Fun

Some Porcelain pieces up for sale
Ambience Mall is where some of the action is at, especially with their 3-day Spring Carnival underway. In the heat of Delhi, there always needs to be a reason for taking out time and space, which this time was found at the Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj, for some food , shopping, and entertainment on the sides. Like most times, this too included some decent eateries, some good clothing and utilities for the picking, and the open-air style of event hosting.

India's First Ever North-American Whiskey Cocktail Championship Goes Underway

A selection as seen at the Shanghai Club @ITC Welcome, Dwarka
India is waking up to a lot of different taste in it's liquor palette, even as the country takes measures to curb the sale of alcohol wherever possible. However, in the April afternoon of Delhi, the ITC Welcome Hotel in Delhi's Dwarka area, held the Grand Finale of the North American Whiskey Championship which ultimately put Vikram KU, from the Taj Palace Hotel, as the winner of the competition. According to the norms of the event, there were over 230 bartenders across the country. 89 entries were shortlisted for the second round, which were then judged on the basis of creativity, balance, presentation and consumer acceptance to arrive at the final 15. So, after winning at this event, Vikram will now go on guided tour to the well-known Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee and the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, Kentucky.

Zurie's New Design Studio Transforms Craftmen Into Designers

Zurie Design Studio at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Pashchim Vihar, Delhi
As they say, 'Change is the only constant', as when such a thing is for the better, especially when it comes to to changing the way people are perceived to be, or refining people for a better purpose, there is a sure bout of optimism in the whole state of affairs. This line of thought, was the case to indirectly address the latest initiative by Zurie, which is the launch of their design studio at At the Raddison Blue Hotel, in Delhi's Pashchim Vihar. With the aim of making 'designers' out of the 'karigars' (craftsmen), Zurie is the luxurious shopping experience for handcrafted jewelry and accessories, including cufflinks, neck pieces, haute perfumes, studded clutches, and earrings, each meant for various special occasions.