Fitso SEALs Pool In Noida As The New Aquatic Fitness Destination

The length of the pool from the other side

Fitness and hobby activities are always a lucrative idea for all, and when there is a pool involved, things are meant to go a notch up higher. New Fitness entity Fitso SEALs have ventured into the NCR region with the unveiling of the region's first pre-heated indoor swimming pool, where pros and newbies can splash alongside. The pool is based within the basement section of the LPS Global School in Sector 51 Noida, which by itself is a relatively new campus, giving in a sense of freshness to the entire launch event taking place on the 17th of December, 2017. The place did warm up, owing to the presence of locals and management alike, to witness the facilities, get word on the memberships, and perhaps even buying if it fit their budget. 

   View from the entrance side 

When it comes to getting a workout, swimming compares to little else, and the primary reason is the fact that almost every muscle in the body gets a through workout. It is then one feels that, after every 40 to 50 minutes of even a moderate swim, almost every inch major muscle group feels like having being worked out just about right; not fatigued but well worked out. Over a period, this translates into a significant count of calories burnt in making the body work out like that, which means fat losses too, and slightly quicker hope of having a more shapely torso. 

   Pool from the side

 According to BetterHealth Government of Australia, some of the befits of swimming are listed as, " keeps your heart rate up, but takes some of the impact stress off your body. Builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. Tones muscles and builds strength". So that is the summary of what one would get, should they decide to get swimming, even in the winters (the pool is heated,a s mentioned before). Other than that, The Fitso SEALs center has the advantage of some great coaching to refer to, or guide along the way., including the like of Mr. Surya, who is one of more prominent, but certainly not the only one with a long list of competition accolades and medals to speak of. 

 Fitso SEALs membership details at the reception 

Though it is pretty sorted that Fitso SEALs did a great job with this heated swimming pool, and including amateurs and professionals alike in the pool, which is just over 4 feet deep, there is only one issue they need brushing up on, or rather gain consistency; temperature management. 

It is a known fact, that even during competition, the swimming pool isn't warmer than the body temperature, but the difference sometimes can have negative consequences on health. Though on most days the temperature much more palatable even during winter conditions, they were some days when temperature went down quiet a bit, which bought about muscle stiffness sooner, enforced inconsistencies in laps, and made one vulnerable to viral infections, especially in winters. The showers post and pre-swim are there, and function great, but the pool water temperature management and consistency is yet to run up to the brim so to say. Given all else, this pool is a wonderful and worthwhile healthy outing.    



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