Cbazaar Rebrands Into Ethnovogue Fashion Style

The re-branding story

Cbazaar, earlier known as Chennai Bazaar, has re-branded itself with the Ethnovogue range, for taking Indian fashion and fabrication legacy, to consumers placed outside the country. India has long been a source of keen interest for the diaspora abroad, who wanted to don authentic Indian styling, and look more into the nation's fabric heritage. Cbazaar's relaunch with the Ethnovogue range, is something looks to strengthen the nation's 'soft power' (power without generating force and coercion) in the long term scheme of things, as the demand overseas is clear and positive. Gracing this occasion, as one of Indian fashion prominent icons Ritu Kumar, who lent her support to the venture. 

 CBazaar CEO Rajesh Nahar & Ritu Kumar at the event

CBazaar is a venture that was floated by the dynamic Rajesh Nahar along with his team during the late 90s, and over the years has grown on to become one of the better known names, to take Indian fashion and styling overseas. Being in the market for sometime now, they have a renewed sense of branding themselves to continue remaining a relevant brand for their target audience. Currently their main efforts are in the overseas market, but Indian consumers have access too. 

 A glimpse into their re-branding philosophy

Ritu Kumar, present at the event, revealed quiet a bit about fashion and traditions related to the industry. One of the things was, "India remains one of the very few, if not the only country, where silver and gold is still handwoven into fabrics. So, we still remain one of the nations that generate as much interest for our clothing and fabric heritage across the globe." Very interesting, considering most of the fashion one notices around, are created in varied sizes of factories and machines, though significant manpower is also a part of the setups.

Ritu Kumar at the event

The event was set amidst the subdued settings of the Vivanta by Taj Hotel (earlier known as Taj Ambassador). Smart, elegant, and the peace one would associate with the brand was for all to notice, when the rest of Delhi outside was buzzing about with their daily affairs.

  Trio of Ritu Kumar, Rajesh Nahar, and Soumya Menon (VP, Branding & Marketing, Cbazaar) at the media presentation

As much as the inner blogger wanted some more of an extravagant event, this gig didn't make it to the top of the list. But then, the message was short and sweet, and it is something that could go someway, especially for those hooked on to online retail. So, with all those friends and relatives spread across the globe, you have now a place online, which will ship across to virtually any place (which Rajesh Nahar pointed out as one of the strengths), and get you one heck of an ethnic touch for the wardrobe.
The trio at the event


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