Welcoming Monsoon Fashion With S&S Trunk Show

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Festivities and decor of the S&S Trunk Show 2015

The S&S Trunk Show, started in 2011, took place yet again at the Mansion of the Hyaat Regency hotel in New Delhi. On the 4th of July, new and veteran labels alike took part of the maze of a retail experience, which was about fashion, style, and endless shoppers looking for decking up their wardrobes and collections. So popular is the show for sellers, that it is already in the 15th season since it began in 2011, being the brainchild of Sonam Pall and Shreya Dalmia Agarwal. Their penchant for highlighting some of fashion's most elite brands continues, as their past records include names like Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Emilio Pucci, Bally, Porsche Design, Jimmy Choo, Furla, Alexander McQueen, Dior Kids, Baby Ralph Lauren, Armani Junior, Prada, Ted Baker, Fendi, Outhouse, and Valliyan apart from various brands across the border.

The entrance of the event

The S&S Trunk Show is about brands and almost that can be offered under the sun to recharge one's ailing wardrobe. Full of bustle, such as the entrance noticed here, it had something for virtually every shopper that attended the event, and the things which were mainly designer, were the price tags, and what some of the patrons seemed to done. 

The white flower decor

The settings of the Hi-tea event that the trunk show organized had to have its own grandeur, considering  the settings they were placed in. The Hyaat Regency would always shine for the minimalism and sophistication of its decor, and that seemed to rake up much of the attention there. 

   The Quiches and rolls galore

The event was a banter point for the max, and the best accompaniment was the food. The Quiches tasted like they should always be made like, with the crispy crusts melting away with each bite. And not just that, there was a different one for every taste bud in the room.

  The delectable brownies

Since retail has long been a therapy, especially with those who have generous amounts of cash on disposal. But getting the right experience is just as important, as consumers are looking for a more wholesome time while spending their money. The settings at the Hyaat Regency were just about what the specialists ordered, for a true-blue experience, and that too for a show like the S&S Trunk Show. 

  The dynamo duo of Shreya and Sonam with a model friend 

The duo of Shreya and Sonam had been working in their family businesses before stepping up their own venture of curated exhibitions. Both of them have degrees from Warwick, and with the businesses acumen they have, they bought alive the S&S Trunk Show. Now its all about fashion, style, and obviously the experience. 

  The centre of attraction at the S&S Trunk Show 

Monsoon is well set on the arrival. The rains are doing a great deal to help deal with the harsh temperatures, and the shopping experience has helped making most of a casual Saturday. If you have a thing for retail therapy, S&S is a sure enjoyable engagement for spending some money, and adding to your personal style factor.  However, considering the media, the idea of getting to the banquet hall ought to have been made easier, considering the security was a tough job. Was quiet the maze to get through to before the actual venue!

Here is some of the hi-tea event: 

 The food buffet at the hi-tea event

 The Chilla Vanilla body butter and Balmain hair straightner

 The pudding was as delicious as it looked


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