The Wedding Trousseau Collection Launch By Parul J

The store in Defence Colony

Fashion events always bring along a sense of grandeur with them, especially if the Indian festive half of the year is around the corner, and people loosen their pockets a bit. The Wedding Trousseau collection launch by Parul J, is one such showcase into how the upcoming season, can actually drive the demands of the creative and fashionable of us all. Various silhouettes, fabric painting art, and inspiration from European designs, are highlights of the collection, designed by the very ravishing herself, Parul Jain.    

 A collection of varied mens' shirts

Fabric painting still remains an art in this modern era, where prints tend to be the highlight of most common fashion. However, its an art still cherished by many in India, and mastered by a community, who still create fashion magic for the audience at large. A lot of the collection that Parul has designed, includes work by these artists, as she mentions, ".. we look for these artists, select them according to work they have done, and get them to work with us on the creations." As a curious fashion enthusiast, a question was posted about fabric paints itself! A lot may think that almost all thick paint can be used, but the reality is rather different. Fabric paint is specific, and one needs talent to work with them.

  Designer Parul Jain with one of her star gown creations

On looking at the wedding collection, a few noticeable changes seem to come by. It begins with the fact that the Indian buyer, especially the new age young buyer, is not short of cash, and is willing to spend the cash needed to have something unique, and obviously something which would make a distinct style statement. That is where the routes to the European gowns, as seen here, are really linked to. 

 An off-shoulder blouse paired with a flowery lehenga design

In the Indian sub-continent, one typically gets used to the patterns on the wedding dresses, by and large. There seems to be an existing monotony, even in pre-wedding and post-wedding outfits. Parul Jain's creations are that 'anti-monotony' statement, such as the lehenga-choli as seen above. This time around, the flowers seem to be doing the talking, which is generally outside one's wedding wardrobe. 

  A bridal mirror worked suit matched with the 
European inspired hat

Since experimentation is seen as a more common characteristic of wedding wardrobes, it seems European touches are a favourite, and a prominent flavor of the year. Indian brides typically wont be seen wearing hats even during their pre-wedding or post-wedding functions, but here is the perfect combination of that experiment, with a creative touch to suit the Indian tastes!

    A vibrant hand-painted sherwani

 The best part about Parul Jain's wedding trousseau collection is, she does the creative work for both the men and women. So, if there is a pair of would-be bride and groom walking into her store, there will be something for either of the them. Don't know how to go about this, but this sherwani is something which is actually appealing to the experimental, as well as the traditional buyer amongst the men. 

 A more heavily worked metallic embellishment on a blouse

The words for something as creative as fashion, and specifically Parul Jain's collection may be a lot more then what can be written here, but for sure, this is the collection for the young, vibrant, experimental, and at the same time, sentimentally attached to tradition. With the festive season lined up, a lot of the creations will actually be a strong style statement, even during a lot of the occasions other than weddings. The diwali, get-together parties, etc, could well be set alight with Parul J's works. 
The store hoarding

A few glimpses from the wedding trousseau collection launch:

 Unique decoration

The series of mens' jackets

A little more bling in the works

A closer look at some flower marquetry 

A very touched gown

A slightly more subtle sherwani with a 
dhoti style trouser in purple



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