Sublym- The Latest In Modern Stylish Dining

The Sublym main dining area

Modern restaurants who are looking to experiment with themes, are actually going the minimalistic, the contemporary, with the touch of Europe in their styling theme, something rather obvious at Sublym, Gurgaon. This restaurant, located in Sector-29, Gurgaon, is definitely a refreshing place to be for the empowered young of today, as well as those who would prefer things to be a bit mellow at the same time. That is a feeling one gets setting foot into the main dining space as seen here, awash with greys, chrome, and whites dominating the color theme of the place. In fact, with a few restaurant reviewers around, it managed to come alive by a great extent, and generally seemed to please with what was on offer. 

All the lighting is from 1Watt LED bulbs, thus saving up on power

The occasion was about getting the attention of food enthusiasts (read food and restaurant bloggers), and get their opinion on what Sublym has to offer. And from the looks of it, most of the lot was impressed, simply by one of the basic traits of good restaurants; promptness of service. When one is waiting for food, most of it would seem like a little too long, but on a real scale, the Sublym service has a reasonable service delivery time, which definitely adds to the experience.

 The classic Virgin Blue Lagoon with Sarvdeep Singh, one of the onwers

One of the finer aspects of the Sublym service is the individual care for customer orders. Had a sore throat which needed some more time to get back into painless form, hence ice was a no-no. With quiet a few similar orders making the team run around the bar multiple, it would be a challenge to little things right, which the team stood up to. This Virgin Blue Lagoon, and the drinks were not served with ice, as requested. 

Quiet the sporty team at the bar

Being someone with an obsession where the booze and the drinks are, the Sublym bar was just as minimalistic and utility driven, with nothing much of a eye-popping design. However, one has to mention that they were certainly well-stocked in spirits. 

 The lineup of spirits

The menu at the restaurant is a mix of Indian and Pan-Asian dishes, giving the best options from the both the worlds. The advantage of such a menu is that, it gives the person a chance to experience very different textures and flavors of food, bringing in an alteration to keep the tongue interested throughout a multi-course dining experience.

 The Bombay Bhel

Being a desi at heart helps, if one wants to taste the Bombay Bhel. This starter-appetizer retains much of the original charm one would find outside, though there was a tinge of extra spice in the overall taste. Obviously, one of the reasons people like the street foods, are dominant tastes like the extra spicy one, but it just seems in this case, it overpowers the others. 

Chicken Satay

For the non-veggies, the classic Chicken Satay is very much on the menu. The chicken pieces here were soft and had a good texture, but the flavors of the sauce needed to get in a little deeper, which is the accompaniment on the crunchy exterior of the dish. The size of the pieces were also sufficiently large for the liking. 

 Sago cake salt & pepper

This is one funky Indian experiment with Sabudana cake (Topica Sago). The crunch pieces have been laid over some stir fried peanuts and greens including finely chopped chilies, onion and tomato. With the salty crunch of the papad, the tangy masala mixture inside added to an interesting eat. 

 Vegetable Galauti Kebab

For something that needed to be a milder taste leveler, the Vegetable Galouti Kebab was a good choice. Soft in texture working well with the mini parantha pieces, and the (optional) condiments alongside was a pleasant experience, though someone with an overwhelmed tongue would best avoid the condiments, and revere the texture instead. 

    Braised chicken with Bell Peppers

Though the traditional chewy texture of the maintained was maintained, the bell peppers and the added spice spoke of the signature style of the kitchen at Sublym. Despite the strong spice, the texture was well managed and would suit the tongue without shocking. 

A Litchi Martini

Another drink which was ordered mid-meal was the Litchi flavored version of the Martini. Like previously mentioned, the idea of removing ice was taken care of, and shaking of the beverages was done by a set of good hands. Obviously not the same as the classic, but definitely a nice fruity experiment. 

Cold fungus with peanut

For those with a mild tongue, or who likes more of delicate taste, this exotic cold fungus with peanut is the way to go. Not too spicy, but has the strength to make the tongue ask for better fuller meal ahead. 

                                                              Diced Chicken with Bamboo Shoot & Celery alongside 
                                                                               Chilli Garlic fried rice with basil

The portion sizes at Sublym are just about perfect, for a neat meal for 2. And like at this meeting, there were multiple dishes being served, it would actually be easy to get oneself pretty full with the quantity served. Very satisfactory rather. 

A Glenfiddich 18years in Dark Abyss

Classic whiskeys are meant to be left alone, and that also for the trained tongue. But then, there is a murderer of taste in most of us, and this is precisely what happened here. In this case it was the a few sips of the Glenfiddich vintage, later thrown into the 'abyss' with some coke, gently stirred later. Strangely, it bought out a sense of flattening woodyness in the drink. 

  Dining area overlooking towards the exterior

To encapsulate the experience, Sublym is definitely a great place to eat out. While the quality of food remains top notch, and portion sizes reasonable, there is a tendency to make the menu spicy, which might become mundane after a while. In some cases, even the slight imbalance of spice, ends up overpowering the other flavors. The next is the drinks bit, the main highlight. Extremely well-stocked bar, very prompt in service (the case for food too), and fairly decent stock of beverages on offer. The bar is in the best hands at Sublym. 

What the table looks like

A few extra sights of the restaurant

Rooftop open area

The covered rooftop sitting area

Sundown at Sublym Kitchen & Bar, Gurgaon 


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