My Kinda Luxury Home- Cannes Croisette Penthouse


When one's royale dreams are awakened along life's testing and trying times, mansions and estates are often one of the main manifestations of the same, and the similar has been the case for me. Hence, amongst the many high-end estates on sale till date, this particular one in Cannes, manged to trigger my magic world dreams. With an undisclosed yet presumably hefty price tag, this place is all about having the advantages of both world's: a penthouse utility and private mansion exclusivity, including it's premium exterior settings.

The insider specifics

Measuring at just 3,240 sq ft, the apartment might not be as large as some of the other premium penthouses in the market, but exterior setting and high quality of furnishings inside make up for it all. Plush furnishings, premium quality of decor on lines of the French ethos of design, and the high quality craftsmanship give this property an edge over most other penthouses. 
5 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms, lounge and dining area, kitchen with modern equipment, study room, guest washrooms, and a considerable 7-car garage. 

The main lounge and living area is a glimpse of what the French are famous for, when it comes to their styling cues. Plush and ornamentation go hand in hand.

The sitting area which can double up as a gymnasium area, is to truly admirable. Imagine a romantic dinner or just a small get together with people under this open room. Ideal for soaking in the French flora and fauna.

This is perhaps the kind of retro place to sit and enjoy a game on the TV, or a movie much the favorite. A bit of re-arrangement of the furniture, and this is the ideal partying place within the confines of this penthouse property. 

If there is nothing to do, and a private moment is what you want to enjoy your special wine or whiskey on, than this area near the staircase is the ideal. The vast, serene, and almost unending span of ocean makes for  an ideal setting to cherish alcohol, or simply loose oneself in the trance of some classic music in the background. Oh! my lofty dreams!

Contact: Burger Sotheby's Realty
Sandrine Palmier
+33-493 38 91 96
1, rue Hélène VaglianoCannes, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur, 06400France

Via: Sotheby's


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