8 Ways To Create Your Own Exotic Natural Bath Soap

Gone are the days when an ordinary bath soap would do it; nutritional properties, exotic ingredients and fragrances, and great eye appeal seem to be order of modern soaps. As the times have changed, some of the remedies of distant past make a come back, to ensure that the bathing is a truly exfoliating, cleaning, and most importantly a rejuvenating experience. Goat milk, mineral salts, fruit extracts and a whole lot others have changed the bar of soap we use for bathing, hence making the experience of showering a whole new one in its own rights. Here is a few of these exotic bath soaps one could try for at some point:

  • Brown Sugar Handmade Soap

Looks more like an artisan cake but, this one from Kushmoma is certainly a bath soap, with its origins in the Caribbean. The speciality of this bar is mixed voucher of fragrances such as sweet vanilla, molasses, strawberry ice-cream and caramel- now take that for a bath soap. When most of us feel like having all of this on a giant ice-cream cone, this bar soap will certainly make you feel special with its perfume. Talking of nose turning bath soaps- here is one.

  • Miro Handmade Artisan Soap

Just when getting a better looking wallpaper or a nice bed-sheet became a concern, this soap had to be created by the guys at Kushmoma, which simply goes much further than anything one would find in the bathroom shower or even the vanity counter. The vibrancy of the lime green and yellow shades, make for a perfect interplay which one might set up on a showcase, but for those looking to bath with it, go right ahead. 

  • Handmade Burnt Sandalwood soap

Sandalwood has always been a traditional cure in nature based medicines, especially when applied in the paste form. But even if it is burnt, its known to retain the exotic healing properties, though in a very different state. What actually looks like a sliced cake, Kushmoma  brings this 100g bar which boasts of burnt sandalwood and rich vanilla essence. Other ingredients include Shea butter, and castor oil which are known for working the wonders on skin.  

  • Homemade Peppermint Ice Soap

For those looking for a daily dose of the 'cool' factor with their bath soap, what could get better than the homemade peppermint oil bath soap? If its a warm day ahead, and the kick start remains to be a very vital one, then this homemade accessory should be there in your bathroom, as its natural cooling properties do a world of good. Also if your skin is dry it helps then, and also if its gets too oily, you would notice some change with the use of peppermint oil in this soap bar. 

  • Lavender and Oats Soap

For those looking to get floral goodness and the rich nutrition of oats, this one bar from Earth Essentials seems like the perfect pick. Resembling slices of blue cheese (only somewhat), this bar of soap is good for inducing sleep, other than having extracts of olive, palm, coconut, oat meal, shea butter, water lavender extracts, bergamot oil, and sodium hydroxide. Like the brand name, it really does suit a night time bath, and its name, Earth's Essentials.

  • Cinnamon Eucalyptus Goat Milk Soap

Being a fan of natural and herbal products, one could easily fall for this rather brightly coloured soap bar, whose ingredients are as beneficial as the looks. With the minty essence of the Eucalyptus oil which is known for its benefits to the skin, goat milk also is a part of the ingredients. Simply put, this bar from Canterbury Cabin perhaps has more nutrition than most diet plans we have today.

  • Lavender Cedarwood Goatmilk Soap

In what sounds like an exfoliating and nourishing bar of soap, this exotic option from Canterbury Cabin packs in ingredients from different countries, where they are known to be specialties. Apart from the coconut shell charcoal which which the black contrast to the white goat milk body, there is also the goodness of Bulgarian Lavender, Spanish Cedarwood, and Lemongrass in the form of essential oils.  

  • Honeysuckle and Sweet Orange natural soap

As seductively sweet and delicious it looks, it really isn't an ice-cream but actually a bath soap to be enjoyed during one's time in the shower. Suitable for all varieties of skin, this bar lends a very refreshing fragrance to your washroom, and to yourself as well. With the goodness of cocoa and natural butter, even dry skin problems are at bay, and not to the mention the great looks. There are several more such designs at Bath & Pamper which can be as eye-appealing. 

Note: Prices and availability are to be checked at the hyperlinks given within the text. Also, these soaps are just a personal list of choices and not necessarily a recommended list. 


Karan Batra said…
I wish I get to use any of these exotic soaps in my lifetime ...
Wrik said…
There are some nice ones in India too.. A lot of brands including Fab India have exotic options..
Aarav sinha said…
I must have to take your blog as my primary blog for reading as there are so many new things to getting more and more true information.
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