Zurie's New Design Studio Transforms Craftmen Into Designers

Zurie Design Studio at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Pashchim Vihar, Delhi

As they say, 'Change is the only constant', as when such a thing is for the better, especially when it comes to to changing the way people are perceived to be, or refining people for a better purpose, there is a sure bout of optimism in the whole state of affairs. This line of thought, was the case to indirectly address the latest initiative by Zurie, which is the launch of their design studio at At the Raddison Blue Hotel, in Delhi's Pashchim Vihar. With the aim of making 'designers' out of the 'karigars' (craftsmen), Zurie is the luxurious shopping experience for handcrafted jewelry and accessories, including cufflinks, neck pieces, haute perfumes, studded clutches, and earrings, each meant for various special occasions. 

  A set of Jhumkis
 It would be farely usual to quote prices and include as much of a variety in terms of price-lists, and also the images of these masterpiece jewelry, but this publication is only a highlight of what the marvels at Zurie's Design showroom had. The above pair of Jhumkis is just an example of  what the traditional or ethnic set of options include. The list is longer, and the visuals are even more awe inspiring, considering there are a lot of new options on offer.

 Neck-pieces and pendants inspired by multiple themes

The studio comes as a creation of the duo of Sonam and Prarit, who other than creating designers out of the 'karigars', as earlier mentioned, also want to make carrying jewelry pieces a more regular affair with customers. Whether formal or informal, jewelry and accessories can fit in the right occasion, with the right outfit, which is what the Indian audience in waking up to. It does not really matter anymore, whether the occasion is an informal one, or whether the decorum demands for a formal style.

 Thematic lapel pins

 The story behind the naming of the brand, Zurie, lies in a Swahili word 'Zuri' which translates to beautiful and golden. Rather apt for describing the contents of the store rather. 

With things like the Zurie Design Studio and Showroom, there is lesser to write about, and more to see. Here are some more spectacular visuals from the store. 

 Ornamental clutches 

Haute perfumes, which seriously last 

Semi precious stone ornamentation 

 Bracelet wonders, drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom

 Rusted silver charm in decorative lamp

Some more danglers for the years

 Singh is King and rather bling too!

 And so soak it all in with melody, this violinist played some seriously nice tunes!


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