SENS- Redoing The Age Management & Wellness Bit

Wave Group is known for a whole lot of business verticals they have under their umbrella. That includes real estate, breweries, sports, education, and beverages. Now there is a new feather added to it's cap: age management and wellness, through the launch of the SENS, a multi-disciplinary anti-aging and wellness clinic. This move comes at a time when wellness as a subject, is becoming an area if increasing interest in the general metropolitan public, and health consciousness is also on the rise. Matched with the Wave Group brand power,  and the expertise of specialists like Dr. Graham Simpson (Primal MD- UAE), Niel Petch (Chairman Primal MD), Julie Powell (Great Lengths, UK), Dr.Mark Houston, Dr. Kalpana Shekhawat, Dr. Debjani Chakraborty, Dr. Vidushi Jain, and Dr. Arushi Passi, SENS is stepping into extremely fertile business ground.

 The entire panel in discussion

Ranging from Cosmetic Dermatology, Alternative Healing, and even Hair & Make-Up studio, there is virtually complete 'wellness' on offer. To speak in another way, SENS Clinic has its own 'INTEGRAL' formula, based on which it runs its wellness programme; 
I-Inflamation Control
T-Toxin reduction
G-Gut Micro biome
R-Restoration Hormones (BHRT- Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy)
A- advance supplementation
L- Lifelong Mindfullness
To match up to every part of this elaborate plan, the gamut of solutions include mobile health monitoring, aesthetics, skin-care, skin-repair, rejuvenate, followed by Hair rejuvenation and extension, makeup and finishing studio, youthful smile, stem cells for beauty, spiritual rejuvenation, rejuvenation ayurveda, PEMF, alternative healing, Pharmacy and retail, Medi Spa, and Investigative analysis and diagnostics.      

Mrs. Shanam Chadha, speaking about the launch

So after having gone through all that was just mentioned, what does one gain after undergoing a wellness programme at SENS? According to their details, they include increased energy, increased libido, reduced body fat, increased lean muscle, improved cholesterol scores, strengthened immunity system, lifted moods, better stress management, and sharper mental activity. But what is exactly responsible for all of this not happening more commonly? According to Dr. Graham Simpson, " It is the western diet combined with sedatory lifestyle, which causes most of the health problems we deal with today." In other words, with all the processed sugars, and other packaged food, we are ourselves bringing disease and aging to ourselves. 

Dr. Graham Simpson

It is perhaps a known fact to modern healthcare professionals, that issues with health cannot exactly be singled out. It is complicated, including a whole lot of factors in consideration. In hindsight, out trillions of cells which exist with each other, happen to be independent living units which actually interact with each other in their own way, and all of this happens from head to toe for each and every part of the body. Hence, wellness and age management comes into picture, as an entirety looking at multiple factors in the process. 

   Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Executive Director, SENS

For those looking for the primary man behind creating and driving the venture forward, Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva is the person behind it all. With 30+ years of brand management and experience, more than oodles of enthusiasm regarding health and wellness, Sanjay Sachdeva has 30+ awards to his credit, which he has gotten for re-churning and re-positioning brands across sectors. He is also known to be a key player in terms of encouraging start-ups with his corporate expertise, which numbers something like 12 currently.  

 The whole gamut of SENS wellness approach

Considering the approach with which they are looking at wellness, we could see one more organized effort to modern day health management. However, the entire approach will perhaps have to go through a price sensitive market, which becomes the main reason for brand service and loyalty, for not all, but a sensible chunk of the audience out there.  


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