India Runway Week 2016: Mamtaa Gupta Launches Crochet Tales Collection

The opening act of the collection

With India Runway Week 2016 having gone underway in Delhi, it is certainly the time of the year when the fashion circles get busy around this part of the country. Designs showcasing creativity, innovation, and the designers' own identity of style were generously put on display for an eager audience at the Tyajraj Stadium in the Indian capital. One of the main talents in the event was Mamtaa Gupta, who presented the Crochet Tales collection, inspired by the rich flora and fauna of the country, including a rich heritage of butterflies and moths. In fact Mamtaa's brand name is after the Indian Purple Emperor butterfly, the Mimathyma

 One of the first in the collection

The Crochet Tales collection had a lot of pastel touches with cream and ecru, yet had the vibrancy of shades like yellow and orange. The main facet of the collection was the non-saturation yet the earthiness of the shades of the creations, which played a pivotal role in it's final fashionable twist. 

 Another earthy print in the collection

Mamtaa Gupta is a very dynamic designer of sorts. That energetic smile had her adding, "I just design. I design everything," when she was asked if there is particularly an area she looks into. On probing further, she mentioned that everything that she has around her, has her design inputs, including the interior decor of her studio in Lado Sarai area of Delhi. From furniture to clothes, whatever one would see around Mamtaa Gupta, will have her creative inputs. 

   A duo showcasing Mamtaa's works

Some notable facts about Mimathyma:
- The designer collection is fabricated on 100% cotton and is a fusion of Crochet and Malmal Bagh prints.
- Mimathyma works in collaboration with the women entrepreneurs across India, and is an independently running micro manufacturing unit, each having 5­20 workers.

 A plunging piece

 Mamtaa Gupta (centre) with her models

The visuals were not just restricted to this. We had a treat of having Shriya Saran, noted acctress in South India, and a known name in the Bollywood movie industry, walk the ramp for Architha Narayanam. Here are some shots of the preety lady!

  Shriya Saran as show-stopper for Architha Narayanam

Archita Narayam (in lime green) with Shriya Saran (centre) 


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