The luxurious galore at Le Social event in DLF Emporio

 The scenario at the event

With most of the country experiencing the onslaught of summers, there needed to be something bringing in a smirk and 'feel-good' factor in the torrid weather. Then suddenly, the Le Social event at the DLF Emporio takes place on the 20th of March, 2015, and it all becomes lovely! Yes, the brands were there, the pretty ladies were there (it was a total fantasy land in that regard), and it was a celebration that needed the mention for those with a taste of the affluent.

Some selected models put on a small fashion show

The ambiance in which the Le Social event was set in, was something to soak in to the last. The sense of grandeur, considering it was set in one of India's most expensive retail spaces, where only the top notch brands stood besides each other, The Pavillion of the DLF Emporio mall was perfect for hosting Le Social, and the people rubbing shoulders. There would be bloopers, but those were individual brands and not the event per say.

Lucky's bakery products

The event was all about being fashionable and artistic, and when there is food, some sort of artistic creativity is bound to be there. Lucky's Bakery was one of them. The breads on display were enough to get the foodies buzzing around their stall, which was busy attending to the many 'tasters' that came to sample their products. There seemed to be a genuine interest in where and how their products were to be bought. 

The options were limitless 

There were many like the Signature dates & walnut, Red Velvet Butter Moist cake, apart from breads like Brioche, and Whole Wheat. With the gathering, it was indeed a tough ask getting to know the minute details or the names of all the food on display there. 

Bacardi's most popular cocktail at the event

Bacardi's relationship with summer parties are always a stuff of legend, and if there is anything pleasing to be around, their stalls such as this one was certainly active for the right reason. The citrus fruit-punch with Bacardi Superior and Bacardi Gold rums was a refreshing change in the the 'hot' circumstances.

The Vedic Collection
When there are so many brands to be enjoyed, the new fad of organic living wouldn't be far behind. An entire range of personal care products on display, which includes bathing, eye care, skin care, hair care, wellness, roll on, mineral make up, mens' care, and lip care range from Vedic Collection. For the love of nature and India's ancient healthcare secrets, this was something of a treat.

Hemmistry product range

Fashion has this inclination towards the female gender, with lots of options for them to choose from, and creative minds applying themselves for the female gender. But hopefully, menswear fashion is catching up big time, and good quality in this area is in demand. Hemmistry was one such brand that had some really good shoes, and some ties to catch the eye. Aamir Baig himself was there at the stall to show the stuff around. 

Adora creations on display 

Fashion and home accessories, corporate gifting, stationery, and gift boxes have come a long way, and is something where a lot of creative energy is now been on display. The Potlis and clutches had some classic golden touches with brownish hues in some cases. Then there were some with extremely prominent bright shade as the picture above shows. All from Adora by Ankita Channa.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan

One would love to write about the presence of Mercedes-Benz anywhere it pleases to spot itself, but the fact that the brand is so large, there is hardly any scope to write too much. The creations are great enough to grab eye-balls without being scandalous. For the sedan lovers, the new C-Class sedan was on display.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Class

Mercedes pride goes on a step further with the new GLA-Class. This shiny brown automotive masterpiece has all the flavors that the car from this German car-maker is supposed to have, including the uber smooth black and tan colour combination for the interiors. The quality of the leather was felt with a swipe, and the technicalities are indeed a story for another day. But for those concerned, this model uses a gear located at the spot of the usual indicator, which could be a bit problematic getting used to. But with time and some careful practise, the finesse is meant to be enjoyed. 

Some artsy displays

Le Social event did what it meant for the target audience to do; brands and cash flowing in generosity, but with a but more introspection, one cannot discredit the work done by Ruchika, Priyanka, and Avantika. Great work straight up! Though a couple of elements like stiff owners did their bit to come across as professional (looked like cartoons instead), but in all, it could turn out to be a good time spent with brand, booze, babe, and fortune telling, all under one roof.


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