With Beer From Belgium- BIRA 91 Froths In Style

With the onset of summer and getting into a drive of celebrating the upcoming season, BIRA 91 got a whole bunch of media, corporate, and political figures into the Belgian Ambassador's residence, for more than a swig of great beer and some education about it. The thought of beer was a primary attraction, but education about beer tasting and not to forget, the presence of His Excellency Ambassador of Belgium Mr. Jan Luykx was something which it worth the shot.

His Excellency Mr. Jan Luykx and Rakshit Khurana from Tulleho (inset)

Not being from the crowd that would visits embassies frequently, the ambience meant there was a natural pull for someone who has a desire for something out of the ordinary, and the ambience which oozes some degree of sophistication. This, coupled with a lot of youthful energy was where Bira 91 as a beer brand, came to the fore front; what better than an embassy of the country known by some as the 'beer capital' of the world. 

The Bira 91 stand

The Bira 91 beer launch event wasn't going without its own specialties. This time, it was about beer education! Unlike the traditional limitation in the Indian way of looking at the beverage; as something you see on Boys' Nightouts and gatherings, it would be a surprise for a lot that it is something to be held at par with traditional covets like wine and whiskey. Yes folks, it is that unique. It has nose, flavor, blend, and even body for the matter! Rakshit Khurana of Tulleeho deserves the credit for bringing to light these hidden treasures. 

Rakshit Khurana of Tulleeho

As Bira 91 puts it out there for their brand, it is something which has been imagined and conceptualized in India, but has been made with the perfection that Belgium is traditionally known to have in the area. A lot of people may not be aware, but it is Belgium which happens to be center of beer making for the world, as there are approximately 12,000 different varieties made in that European country! Thats is indeed surprising to the oblivious many.

The Bira 91 Blonde beer

Out of the 2 beers from the Bira stable, the Bira 91 Blonde is what might get to one's palate more easily. The reason is the extra hoppy that characterizes the body of the beer. The hoppy has its own way of sitting on the tongue, even with the bitter presence that it lends to the beer. The Blonde is made with 2-row barley and is a lively craft larger. 

The Bira 91 White
The Bira 91 White is what gives away its main ingredient, wheat! The cloud consistency in the beer is a straight away indication that it is a wheat one, and then, there is more. It is the extra 'zing' one gets from the spicy citrus flavor, which makes it come alive all through the time it is held on the tongue. Truly youthful like the brand, the 'hoppyness' (if there is such a term), is comparatively lower perhaps due to the wheat origin. 

Just like wine and whiskey goes with its accompanying finger food, beer too has its suitable compares. But unlike the former, beer needs to be paired with a texture and taste which is complementary to its characteristics, instead of being an opposite pairing. 

The Belgian Ambassador pictured with the directors of Cerena Beverages 
(owners of the Bira 91 brand)
Bira 91 is an youthful addition to the $5 billion Indian consumer market, which is mostly dominated by the 'big brands'. It is trendy and unorthodox, and has an identity rooted to the country. The Belgian expertise is the addition, meaning that what it releases in the market is actually well-made and truly worth the shot in the times to come. 

Cerena Beverages is a new outfit in India's growing alcohol industry, having been founded in 2009 by Ankur Jain and his team.  The products have been launched, and in the process of being launched close to each other across cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata and will obviously make it to the best known joints across the city. The timing is perfect, and what better season to do it in. Till then, enjoy the crown!

A beverage set up at the event, after sundown

Some Bira91 branding

The embassy gardens


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