A Gastronomic Affair At Desi Roots

At the entrance ceiling

Being a writer and creative (atleast somewhat!), have always been bent on finding the best way out to writing a blog post, and making it only a tad bit more interesting than the rest of the competition. Hence, it would make sense to say that the gastronomic day at the Desi Roots outlet in Saket, was one such occasion, as the good food and alcohol weren't the only reason for detailing them out here. YES! it was the pretty girl that sent across the invitation, but most importantly, team Desi Roots made it surely a worthwhile few hours spent there.

                A desi element side table

The culinary scene in the city Delhi/NCR area has been on an experimenting with a lot of things in the recent past. Not that Desi Roots does something radically different, but what is bound to be perfect strike of chord, is the fact that now well they have managed to differentiate and homogenize with modern elements of lifestyle, and perhaps a foreign theme.

The wall at the entrance

With the style quotient of Desi Roots, it is clear that the audience who will be stepping into the joint will be those who have a weakness for the 'desi' elements, but with a modern touch. The wall decor which used hanging shelves were one such idea. Then there were the suspended Royal Enfield lamps, and the many yester year comics which brings a sense of nostalgia, and connect with one's childhood elements.

The 'lock messages'

India is known to be a place of customs, where people tie threads around trees, praying for wishes to come true in their lives. Though definitely not the same lines, but something sweet and quirky is the 'lock' message system whereby you can leave messages in these locks, only to be retrieved later, and rehash old memories of visiting this place. 

Chicken Tikka with Avocado chutney

The main quality quotient of a restaurant- the food! Hopefully, it does not disappoint with the quality. The Chicken Tikka with the Avocado chutney was the amongst the starters, served on a sizzling iron, just like one would find at the local ironing man. 
Soft in texture, with the smokiness of an Indian oven was retained to the fullest. With the Avocado chutney beside it, the accompaniment was well complemented with the dish. However, there is always a chance that the 'spicy' flavor of the chicken tikka might not suit everyone's tongue. 

Kashundi fish Tikkas with Babloo sauce
Since the non-vegetarian options are more lucrative to the foodies, one such was the Kashundi Fish Tikkas, with the sweet Babloo sauce. This is a great alternative for those who like things to be a bit more flat on the tongue, but enough to have the taste buds entertained. 

Rosso Merry - Cranberry

The beverage menu for the meet, had a decent lot of options to pick from. One of them was the Rossy Merry which came in various combinations. Other than Paan flavor (could have one looking for the 'extra juice' after the drink is finished owing to the 'meetha paan' flavor), the Cranberry version felt good on the taste buds. The natural hint of bitterness made it a good coupling with the Vodka. 

Ambala Cantt. ki Mutton Curry

This is something that a robust digestion system can hold, but never the less, the overload of a good mutton curry and 'trikona paranthas' and Kumquat chutney to go with it, should never really be missed. Though there could be debate of it being the specialty of the dish, but a bit less of the richness would make it just perfect. However, the matters of the taste bud are totally subjective. The taste however, to be relished for the desi foodie. 

Some tea to wash down the heavy meal with

Some of us have the habit of helping the food settle, with a few cups of tea after the meal has been put in. This 'kettle' tea, with the usual and rather common household aluminium design is something which brings memories, but most importantly, keeps the tea warm and nice. The decorative cookie jar was something of a tasty add-on, and felt like the ideal thing to do for the approaching evening, and sharing conversations that was obvious. 

Main bar and dining area

Desi Roots is based in Saket, and with the experimental crowd growing by the day, this one seems like a good bet to spend one's time in. The place is littered with some of the bigger brand names, but with the variety that is needed, Desi Roots will be a decent alternative to choose, and have a laid back time in. 

Details as follows:

Timings:11 am till midnight
Seat covers: 98
Average Meal for Two: Rs. 1,200 plus taxes (Without Alcohol)
Contact: 011 - 41614008; 011 - 41614010 


Yudhishthir said…
Amazing work guys....wud have been nice if some photos of the menu were also included.....how about a menu which resembles a comic book....chacha chaudhary, naagraj, archie, etc. i hope u understand what i mean. www.allfoodexpertz.com cheers
Wrik Sen said…
Thanks, Yudhistir for your ideas.. Would recommend going over to their Facebook page to update them of ideas. That would definitely stand out..

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