The Many Food Shades At The NDMC Palate Mini Festival 2015

                                           Near the brand stalls at the NDMC Palate Mini Fest 2015

There are many ways to celebrate life, and one of them is certainly exploring gastronomy, or more simply food. Like human beings, their food differ in so many ways and the possibilities of having something new, is virtually endless. That is what was proven at the NDMC Palete Mini Festival 2015, held at Nehru Park in New Delhi. Food from the beyond all boundaries in the galaxy (well, almost!), good looking well connected people (read pretty women), some industry connected people, and wandering lucky bloggers (ahem ahem) made the event colorful in every way possible. It was where life was good, positive, and tasty as one gets them.

                                           The semi-casualness of the NDMC Palete Mini Fest 2015

For a long time, there perhaps was a demand for something which resembled what the west in the their cities all the time, especially during the early summers. Open air food fests, concerts, and events of the like where people just enjoy and mingle, without getting controversial. What was really nice about the event was the how creativity and hard work were celebrated on the same platform, and it all gelled pretty well.  

The Smokey's Bar & Grill stall

When there is Smokey's Bar & Grill at the event, how can someone loving some good roasted meat and some decent drinks, miss the arrangement? Here they were neat, looked heavenly tasty, a tad bit expensive, but definitely worth the lip smacking moments spent there. They also had some specialties on display.

The Big Daddy hot dog

  The Pulled Tenderloin burgers

The Spicy BBQ roast chicken and its irresponsibility 

The Blue Eyes alcohol brand

The event wasn't about the established brands. New comers in the Indian alcohol industry such as Rock & Storm Distilleries with the 'Blue Eyes' brand, was seen gathering crowds at their stall. Apart from vodka shots and vodka based cocktails on service, there was multi-brand beer also available. From gathered information, the brand is looking to leave footprints in the industry, and the prices are mighty impressive to garner attention- under Rs 500 for a 750ml of decent alcohol. 

The Hyderabad House stall

Brand 'Hyderabad House' was also present at the NDMC Palete Mini Festival. To bring in a sense of nostalgia and look into the traditional landscape of the Hyderabad city, there was this set of framed photographs that did really bring back memories of the royal yester years of that part of South India.

The Hyderabad House stall

Very chic and stylish, the stall was rather neatly setup, and the gatherers were frequenting for the delectable offerings. This brand as some research showed, is owned by Reddy Foods India Pvt Ltd. 

South Spice pickle stall

The company is not just about the restaurants. but also some really tasty pickles as well! Unlike the normal market products, the set of pickles here (Gongura Ambada pickle, Natu Kodi chicken pickle, Allam Ginger pickle, Pandu Mirapakaya red chili pickle, Gun Powder, Avakkai mango pickle) are chemical free, meaning relatively low on preservatives and fresh. The difference is felt on the tongue, just as strongly as it is meant to be. 

                                                              Sakae Sushi boat of offerings

With the season change, what more exotic way than to have sushi being offered on the menu. Sakae Shushi, a Singapore based brand, made its presence felt with the sushi offerings they had at the event. With the eye-watering Wasabi, Dark Soya sauce, and the tangy-sweet Gari, there were indeed some flashbacks of a time outside India, where these things are more popular, and most importantly, more authentic in the way they are served. Japanese food is one thing which offers healthy food on an exotic scale. 

Different varieties of sushi on display

California roll, Spicy tuna, Spicy Salmon, Chicken Gyoza, Avocado Cheese, were some of the sushi options on offer. But Japanese dumplings were not to be left far behind. 

Gyoza Chicken

Gyoza Vegetable

A very Japanese, or rather Oriental touch to the way the dumplings were presented. 

The Sakae Sushi stall

Sakae Sushi is owned by TCI Apex Pal Hospitality, a company mainly known for their logistics expertise. Using the very same strength, they bring in the ingredients right down from the source to the place of service. Its time to try it out at their only Delhi outlet, soon enough. 

Honest Pressed Juices

Freshness not just literally in what they make, but also in how they actually are! Honest Pressed Juice is a very-very young enterprise (only a few days old), which delivers freshly cold pressed juices to its customers on a daily basis. Some of the flavors they had  at their stall was Roots (Carrot, Beetroot, Apple, Ginger, Lemon), Greens ( Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Tulsi, Pear), Mojito (Watermelon, Coconut, Lemon, Mint), and Fruit (Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Pomegranate, Passion fruit).  The best part was the non-sugary tasting juices, which is otherwise the norm in the industry.

Some live music
In order to prevent the entire event from turning into a space of small talk or strictly business, live music provided some respite though it still was far away from being 'Grammy' kinds. To match with the good taste on the tongue, this was a good after taste to have after all!



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