Revolution in gastronomics: Join the Olive Oil revolution

Seema Singh and Chef Kunal Kapur

When hearing the word revolution, one is flooded with images of munity, war, military action, and basically anything to do with a great deal of social upheaval. Or perhaps, there is the advent of technology which is meant to change lives of people by a whole great deal. But, this time, it is something entirely different. This is the new gastronomic revolution; The Olive Oil Revolution! With the strong inclination of the urban audience towards a healthier lifestyle, food is now of prime concern, and the cooking ingredients being a major part of the palate. That is where the proposed 'Olive Oil Revolution' comes into being as a healthy alternative to traditional mediums used.

Supported by the European Union, the event was focused on promoting Olive Oil from continent as a preferred medium for Indian cooking. Promotions across channels and verticals have been started in this direction, and is been taken to various cities like Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. At the recently held even in the Indian capital, Nutritionist Seema Singh and noted chef Kunal Kapur got together to demonstrate a healthy set of recipes, varieties of olive oil as the medium. The reason why this gastronomic revolution is being pushed through this campaign, is because olive oils are known to be some of the healthiest, and nutritionally beneficial food items, also doing a good deal for the taste buds.

                                                            Chef Kunal busy with the delicacies

Many believe that Olive Oil is meant only for Continental and European dishes, but is actually a perfect match for Indian delicacies as well! Specially for dishes where the other ingredients have a contrasting flavor, or are more delicately flavored, cooking in olive oil can actually add variety in taste.

                                          Chef Kunal with one example of olive oil cooked delicacy

Probing the masterchef about the reason for his association with the Olive Oil revolution,he commented, "There are many reasons for joining the most delicious and the healthiest revolution in history! A revolution that began thousands of years ago and that has reached us today to give a new, delicious touch of flavor to all our favorite recipes will help us discover more such recipes.”

                                                                      The star of the event Chef  Kunal Kapur

Nutritionist Seema Singh, who was a part of the event to look at the health and nutrition aspects, commented saying, “During a child’s first years, the energy requirement is very high. Some of the energy consumed comes from fat, either in milk, essential in childhood, or from other types of fat. Olive Oil is one of the most healthy Oils, it is rich in antioxidants and beneficial substances, it has a high nutritional value and helps prevent and fights against many diseases."

                                                          Chef Kunal Kapur and Seema Singh

What the event also bought out wss that, Olive Oil is multiple varieties, with each having its own specialty, and nutrient make-up.

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The most premium variety of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil is known to be a perfect balance of flavor, aroma, color, and distinctive taste. It is extracted by mechanical methods without the use of hot water or chemicals to do so, originated from initial cold-pressing, have Oleic acid level of less than 1%, apart from the taste which gives it its own identity. This variety of live oil is meant to be used raw in desserts, salads, sauces, marinades, and even stews.

- Virgin Olive Oil: Though very similar to extra virgin olive oil, this version is known to have a stronger taste and flavor. Also, the Oleic acid levels are a tad higher between 2 to 3.3%.  The uses are also similar to the extra virgin version.

- Pure Olive Oil: This type of olive oil is known to be a little less on the nutrient components, especially Vitamin E, but has almost equal amounts if Oleic acid in it. It is mostly a blend of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. Due to its characteristics, it is ideally used for high temperature cooking and frying.


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