Emoting Hues- Paintings Exhibition By Ekta Jain

Buddha by Ekta Jain

One of the main things missing on this forum, is the presence of artistic events. Well, Emoting Hues by Ekta Jain was a chance to catch up, and hopefully it proved to be fruitful. Artist Ekta Jain may not yet be known by word of mouth as strongly, but there are no reasons why that cannot happen. Her work is a treat to the eyes, especially if one is fond of colors, and the mysterious ways she depicts her theme of work. Emoting Hues as I said, were based on 2 things, namely circle of life (as shown in the circles of various paintings), and shades of modern life in concrete jungles, which incidentally has 'cubism' elements in it. 

 Artist Ekta Jain next to one of her masterworks

The interesting part of the conversation with Ekta Jain was, " I don't sit and plan my work. I decide then and there, what I will do."  Spontaneity has been a great attribute amongst visual artists, and that is what exactly, Ekta Jain's works are all about, especially Emoting Hues. Hopefully, with the exhibition being held at the Visual Arts Gallery at the  India Habitat Centre pulled in the crowd to socialize in their own circles, there seemed to be a lack of cohesion with discussion on arts in general, and direct interactions with Ekta Jain herself. Getting a one-liner from her seemed to be inversely proportional, to attraction one would otherwise have for her work. 

   A visual story about the circles of life

As powerfully red was used, it also tells us the direct story about the circles of life, and how life itself evolves in time, especially to the cosmos around us. The different circles points around succession in life's stages, and also different layers of life itself. The way one looks at it, will differ from person to person (obviously), but for someone looking at even the obvious, it is seriously profound. 

  The other theme of modern city life

Where as one end of the painting show was about the circles of life, some amount of cubism as theme was used to depict the life in modern cities, where its all about high-flying skyscrapers and tall buildings. Almost in contrast, when it comes to the shapes, but the love of colors are just the same. 


There were a few pieces like the Constant 1, which was all about some of the constant things in life. But in all of this, the unevenness of the shapes and forms tell the story of life itself. 

   Artist Ekta Jain with some of the guests at the function

The event did not have much to boast of, except being a congregation of the known faces to the artist Ekta Jain, and some from the media which came with their own independent points. But for having a presence at the India Habitat Centre, it speaks about the fact that Ekta Jain is someone to be reckoned with. She is representative of the talent that the new India art scene has in the country. 

Some more views from the gallery: 




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