For The Love Of Pistachio At Foodhall

The Foodhall@ DLF Place Mall

On a weekend in summer of Delhi, any invitation to a relatively posh place with decent air conditioning, is naturally welcome. This time, it was the Foodhall (DLF Place Mall) event where Chef Olivier Vincenot put on display, the magic of pistachios through some detectable treats. Organized by the American Pistachio Growers, it was all about what Californian Pistachio can do for your diet, and how it can be a perfectly tasty nutrition supplement, without having chemicals pushed into the system. In other ways, it was about having something finger licking good, without having to compromise on health.

 Chef Olivier Vincenot

The star of the event was Chef Olivier Vincenot, who happens to be the Corporate Chef of Foodhall. He agenda was to conduct the class, whereby preparing delicacies for the wider benefit of the sizable audience, and it needed was a mouthful of a treat! Simply put, a foodie delight to the core. 

 The work place of the masterclass of Chef Olivier Vincenot

Pistachios were always that salty thing one would see in boxes gifted around the time of festivals, but the story is far more important and nutritious than that. From having greater fiber, minerals, and vitamins, they are also rich in phenolic compounds, carotenoids, phytosterols, which are essential for the protection of the body in general. 

  Getting ready for a treat fest!

Benefits for health
Though nuts are a healthy treat in general, but pistachios are known to be a cleaner source of proteins, and lower in fats and carbohydrates, compared to the others. It also means, its lower on calories, so its seriously welcome in the athletic diet plans. 

  Some healthy nuts on display @ Foodhall

Since it was all about learning on these nuts, there was plenty more to know, such as benefits for the heart. Pistachios are known to lower LDL (low-density) chorestrol, oxidative stress, and also inflammation of the heart. Other than this, pistachio is known to contain a high amount of fiber, healthy fat, and other protective compounds which help maintain blood sugar levels. 

 Making of Pistachio Blanc Mange

There were a range of delicacies to be tasted and seen cooked before the eager audience, which by itself was a sizable one. It began with the Pistachio Blanc Mange, which was a chilled dessert, served in small glasses. The guiding principle noted here was that, the powder of pistachios needs to be handled delicately. One needs to ensure that it does not turn to paste. Also, as seen in the image above, the mixture of milk and pistachio powder needs to be lightly stirred, and ensured that it doesn't get too warm.

 Finished Blanc Mange

 Pistachio Hummus

Hummus was traditionally known to be a different league of accompaniment to have with other dishes. However, it still is finger-licking good when made with a slight crunch of the pistachio put in the mixture. The mixture itself contains pisatchio shelled, boiled chick peas, water, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and tahini paste, all blended to a consistency in the blender. The point noted here is that, the water needs to be added just to ensure that the thickness is just about ok- neither too thin or thick. Also, one can put the pistachios to get soaked in overnight to ensure they are soft when being used in the blender. The humus is best accompanied with plain flavored chips. 

  Finished pistachio humus with chips

 Pistachio Cannoli in the making

There will always be something to note in detail, when preparing delicacies but, one can only go so far as to noting the finer points. Since the cannoli was about also having a hollow cylinder, one has to ensure that once the waffle is done till a golden brown thin film, and then pressed into a closed structure almost immediately while warm. If it cools down, it would become brittle and would be tough to fold in neatly. In terms of the sugar for the waffle mix, it is purely on personal choice, as how much of a sweet tooth one is- more sugar more sweetness!

Finished Pistachio Cannoli

The recipe may not have been mentioned here, but could definitely be found at the Foodhall counter at the DLF Place Mall in Saket. If you are worried about your calorie, the idea of making these delicacies might just need to be put off. If you are ready to hog, then go right ahead and treat yourself. 

 Chef Olivier Vincenot in rapt attention

Some more memories of the event at Foodhall:



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