An Evening Of Foodie Experiences At Bronies

Bronies gastro pub entrance

One of the things which strike you about the new Bronies Gastropub, is the way the location is most commonly described; 'where the old Nirula's used to be.' Situated under the Lajpat Nagar flyover, this new place is actually a pleasant surprise; where most of the outlets in the city, especially in the south are known to be relatively more cramped for space, Bronies is much better spread out, and has space for almost everyone that visits the place. Very modern, innovative, and feeling of being in the midst of nature despite being based in the heart of the bustling city.

 1st floor inside Bronies

Thematic bars and pubs are the norm these days, but Bronies doesn't stick to a particular form in that regard. The obvious way to describe them would be 'modern, chic, and perhaps even urban'. Each space, beginning from the semi-open area outside, to the floors inside, the look is distinctive and appealing, in a pleasing way. 

 The barman in action

The one thing that touches about the time at Bronies, is their food and the service staff, which have a very professional look. Though it does get a bit slow during heavy demand, but overall the speed of the service is quick, and the staff seem amiable on the whole. With the large bar area, there is plenty of scope for showmanship, but a bunch of foodies are more bothered about what touches the tongue, and how good the service seemed while availing it. 

Some of the wall art

Coming to the core of the entire experience; the food. Each dish served for the evening had its own tastes, flavors, textures, ingredients, et all, but one thing common is the love affair with salt. While textures were just about right, tastes being alive, and the food itself being just perfectly soft, the use of salt seemed slightly overwhelming sometimes. This was the case especially when there were fries, dipped into the flavorful sauces served alongside. 

 Paper wrapped prawns

When something is fried, it needs to have the right crisp, which the paper wrapped Prawns had. In fact, at times the wrapping seemed a bit stiff, but not something which would otherwise dent the taste or feel of the dish. 

Brinjal fries with hot bean sauce

Being a Bengali, brinjal fries (aubergine/ egg plant) have a special place on the gastronomic palette. The excitement is always a bit more when there is an accompaniment which could increase the work for taste buds, which in this case was done by the hot bean sauce. For those who are sensitive to chilli, delving into hot bean sauce might not always suit, but seems balanced bitten off with the aubergine strips. Experiments in flavoring, especially cooking oil and condiment flavors can always be done, even with this classic snack, and this one too makes a mark pretty well. 

Hot butter fish with curry leaves

How can a Bengali be there, and fish not be touched? Though the idea was to break away from the gastronomical and social stereotype, the fish finally found its way at the ultimate destination. Luckily, the strong 'fishyness' of the dish was not there, showing the men in the kitchen to be good with handling the meat, and retaining just the right kind of goodness. 

The classic Bloody Mary

Bronies is in love with sizzlers, and does a good job of having a wide variety of them on offer. However, after having tasted a range of them, the accompaniment, barring the ones with generous presence of chillies, seemed a touch mundane. However, this is something totally subjective, considering each tongue takes to taste differently. 

Corny Greek salad

Not everything has to be sizzling. In fact, there are some healthy options on the menu as well, such as the Corny Greek Salad. Full of varied sprouts with some nuts and greens, and some tossing of spices makes it the ideal filler for an evening, if calorie counter is being watched.  

What the 1st floor feels like from the ground floor

On the whole, Bronies is actually a nice place to be at, especially during the autumns and springs, when the temperatures are just about right. Bronies is also good for virtually all kinds of crowd coming in; families, friends' groups, the weekend club hoppers. Music at the Bronies was nice and punchy, a bit of too much techno beats can spoil the vibe after a while, until one has great company. 

The Raclette

Taste and experience are indeed personal and largely subjective, but remain important to be known about. Bronies certainly is going to be a good place to hangout on a weekend with friends and one's own gang, but then, a few edges need to be smoothened out, especially when dealing with delicate European delicacies. Also, the festival season is also stated to be a good time to hop in, as a flying conversation conveyed some traditional touches to the ambiance and cultural festivities added. 

A few other shades of the Bronies Experience

A view from the top

Crazy Dry chicken Kung Pao gone nuts

Screw Me Daddy Tea'- Bourbon, 
Cinnamon Tea, & Apple juice

Try some of the other specialties: Peach Buzz, Brazilian Booty, Swinger, Russian Bust, Quick Fix, Brain Jizzer, Hammered Coffee Punch, Bourbon Singh

A perfect setting for multiple types of gathering


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